Hi guys, so today's blog post is gonna be about what's in my beauty bag. I'm not sure if is just me or what, i l...

Hi guys, so today's blog post is gonna be about what's in my beauty bag. I'm not sure if is just me or what, i love buying cute beauty bags even though i don't need them. I remember during my London trip in March, i was at Primark and i saw so many beauty bags! I almost wanted to wipe out the whole shelf and i couldn't because there were no more luggage spaces. So i carefully picked a few and i'm a happy girl. So in what's in my beauty bag? 

FACE: I have a packet of Tissue paper to block my face if it gets oily through the day. I never use oil blocker i feel those papers make your face more oily instead. I have two types of Face mist-Innisfree Green Tea and L'occitane Rose(because i'm flickr minded) to freshen up my face. Lastly, i have my all time favourite Benefits Hello flawless foundation.

LIPS: Urban Decay lipstick in Naked(my current favourite) and Nivea tinted lip balm if i feel lazy. 

EYES: I have NYX eyeliner for touch up so i'd look fabulous whole day. Sunglasses to protect my precious eyes from the harmful UV ray. Extra contact lens from contactlens.sg. I've been getting my contact lenses from them. Super affordable for people like me who uses daily lenses and you know daily lenses cost you a bomb in a long run. You want something that is trust worthy, i mean we are talking about a pair of eyes here. Money not gonna get you one more pair of eyes if you ruined it. I use false lashes when i don't have extension on and the glue always get onto my eyeball and stained my contact lens and my vision is screwed. It super annoying so i learnt my lesson by hard, i carry them in my beauty bag wherever i go just in case.  #storyofmylife 
You can also find them on Instagram and Facebook.

HANDS: I have Innisfree hand cream for hydration, and Dettol so that i can enjoy my chicken wings with my bacteria free hands. 
BODY:  Panhaligon's Iris Prima travel size perfume to keep me smell good all day! Iris Prima is effortlessly elegant and faintly melancholic.


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