BMW: Escape the City 2015 VOL. II

BMW: Escape the City 2015 VOL. II In this post, i will be blogging on day two to four of my stay in The Taaras Resort. // DAY II // ...

BMW: Escape the City 2015 VOL. II

In this post, i will be blogging on day two to four of my stay in The Taaras Resort.

// DAY II //

Alarm rang at seven and we refuse to get out of our comfy bed.
We certainly need more sleep like this. 

Checkout our hotel and continue driving up to Kuala Terengganu and have our cars park at the mainland over the weekends. Follow by a 30 min jouney on speedy boat to Redang island! 
SAM_8460(1)jpg SAM_8467



SAM_8473 SAM_8471

Incase you are wondering, we booked the hill deluxe with king size bedroom. The room is very spacious and comfortable, however the cleanliness need some improvement. Remember to lock your balcony door to prevent monkeys unless you don't mind them play with your make up set. 

SAM_8476 IMG_6321 
Got my Botox V-life touch up just before my holiday. My face definitely feels more lifted, and look pretty in any angle. I also did Detax to "burn" those chubby cheeks. Immediate effect. It's non-invasive and safe! If you are keen to try this treatment, please contact for the members price.


After a good nap, its dinner time! 
SAM_8494 SAM_8496 SAM_8497 SAM_8498 SAM_8501 SAM_8506 SAM_8508 SAM_8510 SAM_8511 SAM_8513 SAM_8515 SAM_8516

Dinner at the beach with spectacular sea view.
SAM_8526 SAM_8534 SAM_8536 SAM_8540 SAM_8549 SAM_8551 SAM_8552 SAM_8554 SAM_8560 SAM_8565 SAM_8576 SAM_8579 SAM_8583 SAM_8586 SAM_8589 SAM_8590


Our highlight of the day is release sky lantern by the beach. Everyone wrote their wishes on the lantern before release it into the sky. The mass release of lit sky lanterns is heartwarming and stunning.
SAM_8597 SAM_8601 SAM_8611 SAM_8607 SAM_8616 

A nice bubble bath before bed. 

// Day III //

Enjoy the little things here. Took some picture of the beautiful beach with crystal clear sea before i headed down to my appointment at The Taaras Spa. While J is out somewhere in the sea snorkelling with carols and fishes, i had a good fifty minutes aromatherapy massage. When comes to massage, i prefer more pressure as i have already stiff shoulders. Thanks to technology nowadays. I'm always on my phone and laptop. 

SAM_8632 SAM_8637 SAM_8654 SAM_8633 SAM_8652 SAM_8636 SAM_8641 SAM_8655 SAM_8649 SAM_8658 SAM_8659  SAM_8660  

// DAY IV //

A long day ahead of us. 

SAM_8687 SAM_8689 SAM_8691 SAM_8696 SAM_8701 SAM_8702 SAM_8703 SAM_8706 SAM_8708 SAM_8783 SAM_8743

We had the best lunch in the whole trip. Malaysia has the best kaya bread and nyonya delicacy! 

IMG_6302 SAM_8727 SAM_8725 SAM_8724 SAM_8723
Photo 01-06-2015 9 48 39 pm

IMG_6297 IMG_6303 SAM_8756 SAM_8754 Photo 05-06-2015 8 47 28 pm

Till next time. 



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