!! B I R T H D A Y    S U R P I S E S !! Thanks for the unexpec...

!! B I R T H D A Y    S U R P I S E S !!

Thanks for the unexpected surprises. I was dead tired and didn't think much when J mentioned that he is dropping by to say hi to his friend. I'm always a follower and didn't thick much whenever i'm with J. So i followed blindly and still have no idea that he actually booked a room at Majestic hotel for my birthday. It was so last minute, I didn't have nice outfits for picture. You see J and i exchange clothes so we look fresh, sort of. Don't judge! I'm impressed, J actually remembers my skincare routine!  

Thanks to friends who bought cake and sang birthday song to me and all the lovely wishes! 
I love all of you!


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