If you're a fan of KOSÉ and Cinderella, you will love this post! This year, KOSÉ SEKKISEI celebrates its 30th anniversary and h...

If you're a fan of KOSÉ and Cinderella, you will love this post!

This year, KOSÉ SEKKISEI celebrates its 30th anniversary and has collaborated with Disney to 
come up with some gorgeous Limited Edition Cinderella items! Read on to find out more, 
including how to win a trip for 2 to Japan (yea, the birthplace of SEKKISEI)!

Look what came in the mail! A lovely parcel from KOSÉ filled with its iconic blue SEKKISEI 
range that I’m sure everyone has heard about :D :D

Gorgeous Cinderella packaging! Cinderella has been my all time favourite Disney character. I
drew her a lot when I was a little girl, and am secretly still that little girl who loves to draw :)

Let’s check out what’s inside!

| SEKKISEI Lotion |

If you have dry skin like mine, SEKKISEI Lotion, a best-seller for 30 years, is a must-have for its 
superior hydrating properties. Not only is it lightweight, but it also leaves my skin feeling 
refreshed, supple and leaves me with an unmistakeable radiant glow!
Pssst… This awesome lotion also comes with a free sparkly coin purse for a limited time only!

| SEKKISEI White BB Cream |

This is awesome if you don’t want to spend too much time slapping 6 layers of product onto 
your face every morning, cos the SEKKISEI White BB Cream has six functions in one tube - 
Serum, Emulsion, Cream, Sunscreen, Base & Foundation!! Comes in 2 shades too! I absolutely 
love the coverage. It is lightweight and not heavy at all on the skin, giving you a natural finish 
just like those Kpop idols you see on screen :P

Knowing that UV rays are really harmful for my skin, I have refrained from sun tanning and have 
tried to avoid the sun at all costs for a good 5 years now… Try to beat that! Love how the 
SEKKISEI White BB Cream comes with SPF 40/PA+++ to give me extra protection against 
Singapore’s crazy sun!

| KOSÉ SEKKISEI Clear Cleansing Oil |

This travel-sized bottle of cleansing oil is included free in the BB Cream Kit, how convenient!

Proper cleansing plays a huge part in achieving clear skin!

I've been using the SEKKISEI Clear Cleansing Oil for the past few days. It’s lovely and my skin 
feels super smooth after using the product. I really like how it removes all my waterproof eye 
makeup and foundation to prevent clogged pores that lead to breakouts. Unlike other oil 
cleansers I’ve used previously, SEKKISEI’s is non-sticky, spreads well and washes off sooo 
easily just with water! Amazing, as there is no oily or sticky residue left behind at all!!

Check out how it can remove my lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara so easily!

Best of all, I don’t even need to use a cotton pad! I can simply use my fingers to apply the 
cleansing oil directly onto my skin.

Just looking at it makes me happy… Hehe.

Oh, by the way, KOSÉ wants to help make your Wishes Come True, and are giving away prizes 
worth up to $10,000 plus a trip for 2 to Japan!

Quick, go check out @kosesg on Instagram and join in for their Seeking Cinderella Instagram 
Contest for a chance to win :D

Remember to tag @kosesg and include these hashtags too…
#kosesgcinderella #sekkisei30thsg #wishescometrue

Visit sekkisei30th.com/sg to find out more about exclusive Cinderella treats and promotions they 

have in store for you!


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