KISS GOODBYE WIRED BRAS! Happy New year everyone!! This is the last part of my Grand Plastic Surgery post. Sorry for taking so long. I ...


Happy New year everyone!! This is the last part of my Grand Plastic Surgery post. Sorry for taking so long. I have so much to do! Today is my 2 months and 20 days since my surgery day. I'm recovering very well! I've been a good girl, did what i was told to do and not to do. 

Watch the video, featuring me and Naomi.

Read my final consultation with Dr Rhee here.

// Post surgery day 1 //

I was bedridden for the first three days :( I feel exhausted all the time and didn't have much appetite. Lucky for me, i have no bruises. My chest hurts pretty bad. I was told pain after surgery may occur 2-3 days after the surgery. It will subside as time passes. Thankful Grand for taking good care of me during my stay. I have to wear corrective garment immediately after surgery, and it should always be worn for 4 weeks after the surgery. 

// Post surgery day 4 //

 I felt better! The pain around my chest has decrease a lot. So i decided to check out Lotte World Shopping Mall which is pretty near our hotel. Thank you Grand for arranging such comfy commendation :) 

I had churros for the very first time and i have to say this is really good!


// Post surgery week 2 // 

I'm able to get out of bed myself but my arms are still weak. I hardly can feel pain on my chest area already! The swelling has went down a lot. I've been called back to the hospital for more check up before i head back to Singapore. 

I visited a few place such as Dogs cafe at Myeondong. 

I found my favourite BBQ restaurant in Hongdae. I personally feel they serve the best food and price is reasonable! 

// 1 month after  surgery // 

 Feeling the love from everybody! Thanks for all the well wishes! They meant a lot to me!
Here, I'm wearing just nipple tapes. The numbness has wear off a little. It looks natural because of its tear drop shape. I have also been massaging them to prevent capsular contracture. 

// 2 month after  surgery // 

 There are still some numbness. I have to continue to apply scar gel to lighten the scars. 
If you are wondering, i'm currently a Big C. I'm really happy with this size. 

Here are some aftercare tips for boobs augmentation:
(1) Breast massage should be done on the 5-7th to massage for 3 months at least 3            times in a day for 15 minutes each time. 
(2) Please avoid sleeping on your side or stomach for 4 weeks. 
(3) Avoid heavy exercises such as aerobics and/ or working out at a gym for 4 weeks        after the surgery. A lot of walking is recommended to reduce swelling.

(4) Please avoid sauna and hot spring for 4 weeks.

(5) Please do not bow your head or lie faced down.

(6) Drinking alcohol and smoking should be avoided for 4 weeks. Alcohol can cause        inflammation and smoking can prolong the recovery of scar as it causes tightening of blood vessels.

If you like to know more about Grand Plastic Surgery, you may check them out at 


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