Pearl white skin with NIVEA Extra White Pore Minimiser

I chanced upon this video "What Sunscreen On The Face Looks Like Under Ultraviolet Light". they are talking about how...

I chanced upon this video "What Sunscreen On The Face Looks Like Under Ultraviolet Light". they are talking about how important sunscreen is to you if you want to age gracefully. 

Isn't scary to see yourself with dark spots all over your face? UV rays cause skin cancer and make your skin age faster. These rays also increases melanin level that results in uneven and dark skin tone. All these harmful effects of direct sunlight is the reason why I always tell my friends never leave home without applying sunscreen. 

For maintenance, I use whitening products on face and body daily. No matter how exhausted I am, I'd force myself to finish my skincare routine. 

Among all the whitening products available in the market, NIVEA still remains my favourite as it is both effective and affordable. It is the skin expert with over a 100 years of history. It only uses ingredients that are gentle and do not thin the skin. Thus, I do trust NIVEA whitening lotion for years to maintain my fair skin. I'm not trying to say that I have super fair skin but average fair. I do wish I can have radiant fair skin which seems impossible because I live on a sunny island.

So today i am going to share with you my favourite products from NIVEA Extra White range & part of its 7 step regime- Mud Foam, Scrub, Day Serum SPF 22 Night Cream. The entire range has Pearly White Complex that is 10x more effective than Vit C & promises fairer, radiant skin in just 7 days after using them for about a week.

Bare face without make up but eyelash extension (I just touch up my eyelashes with Grace, will blog about it soon). Do you know that makeup and sunscreen leaves residues that if not cleansed well, may clog your pores. I apply sunscreen religiously and make up on a regular basis and my skin problems are large pores, dull skin and sometimes oily at T-zone and cheeks.

NIVEA Extra White Mud Foam (Volcanic Clay + Pearly White) does not just gives you fairer skin and it also does wonder in minimising your pores with its gentle ingredients.

I didn't expect this as most mud products are usually brown. 

Apply NIVEA Extra White Mud Foam all over my face. It unclogs skin pores by removing 10 types of make-up residues: oil, powder, concealer, blush-on, eye shadow, silicon primer, eyeliner, powder, moisturizing cream residue and sun block residue.

It feels that the oil on my face is totally washed off. I'm really particular about using foam based cleanser, some products are too harsh for my skin that i feel discomfort and tightness on my skin after one time use. But Nivea’s Mud Foam doesn’t have that effect. My face feels well cleansed comfortable after wash! 

I also use Extra White Scrub once a week to get rid of the accumulated dead skin cells on my skin. This step is very important in getting a lighter complexion as exfoliation will remove old, darker skin and allow new “lighter” skin to emerge.

Adding Day Serum SPF 22 into my day skin care routine on little brown spots and prevent pores from enlarging. I apply it before my moisturiser.

By night, I apply Night Cream before bed. It moisturises my skin and I let the whitening magic does its work while I sleep. I'm really pleased with the result. My skin is clearer and pores are less visible after 7 days. 

(Due to my room lighting hence the photo above is a bit brownish)

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