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Hello again, my week has been a little crazy but good. And I just wanted to add that I really appreciate for those (my readers) who still...

Hello again, my week has been a little crazy but good. And I just wanted to add that I really appreciate for those (my readers) who still read this humble blog of mine. I've so much to catch up on, specially my new collaboration with some blog shops.

Anyway, this blog post is gonna be slightly wordy and i hope you will spend sometimes to read. I promised it will all be worth it! I discovered something which is really good that helps all of us save money and it has been awhile since i wrote such long blog post, so do continue reading and show some support :) 

I have been thinking through things lately and I realized how much I love my life right now. I have J to annoy/brighten up my day everyday whenever I am feeling stress or on days I wake up feeling slightly down under the weather, either from work or from people ... but I feel really blessed coming home everyday to the people I love. 

Social media has been part of my life ever since I started to take blogging more seriously and i gotta admit that really enjoy doing what I do! I love sharing, from my lifestyle to my latest fashion style e.g. #ootd and beauty tips, and if you do actually follow me, you will realize that I document most parts of my life on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account. That being said, I work on my phone a lot, so much so that J always complain about me spending too much time on my phone than him haha how cute. To be completely honest, I honestly can't part with my phone and won’t want to imagine my life w/o it.

Being that dependent on my phone because of the nature of my job also means that having a good telco really matters a lot to me. I've used X telcos (name shall not be mentioned) before and it gave me so much trouble that it keeps disrupting my work flow. I made the switch over to SingTel recently and other than it’s superb service and good connection network.. I still have my fair share of woes.

Being a social media influencer and being largely dependent on my mobile data for work, 2GB of mobile data is and will never be enough for me. I believe the same goes for everyone, my data is always exceeding with my current plan and it is dreadful for me to open letters from SingTel every month. I am not exaggerating but it’s really quite miserable to see your hard earned money gone just by paying bills when it could actually be put to other uses.

And oh, phone connection. Isn't it frustrating when your phone connection gets bad especially when you enter a tunnel in the train? I use GPS, emails and whatsapp a lot esp when I travel around from one end to another end in Sg a lot. For the sake of my phone’s battery life, I carry a mini iPad sometimes for browsing purpose, and in an attempt to ‘preserve’ my previous 2GB movie data, I usually attempt to use the public wifi but it takes FOREVERRRR to load. :(

Took the time out to hop by SingTel with J to find out more about SingTel’s current promotion since my 2 years contract is ending soon and I was shocked that their latest Youth Plan which offers so much more to what I received back then!! 

I'm so excited to share with you all about their new youth plan:

SingTel is currently having a promotion and as long as you sign up for a new line or re-contract or if you are an existing StarHub or M1 user looking at signing for a new plan, the new SingTel Youth Plan gives you an additional 10% discount off your monthly bill and an additional 1 GB worth of data and no data charge when you use Amped (music on the go)!!

Just look at the table and compare the prices together with the perks across the different telcos, do I need to explain more?

And I am even more thrilled that I can have something to offer my blog readers for your support all this while. When you sign up via my link:, you will get an additional 2GB worth of data and a $50 discount off your handset (excluding iPhone)! I am very thankful to be on board together with SingTel on this because with a 5GB data plan, you and i can all now stream our favourite videos and surf freely esp. during this world cup season if you need to stream soccer online, I can’t wait for you to join me because ALL GOOD THINGS MUST SHARE!

If you are like me and never knew that you could actually purchase a phone and sign up for a new line online, here’s a simple tutorial on how to go about signing up for a new line online:

Sign up for an account! 

Do remember to key in the correct address because that will be the mailing address your phone will be delivered to! And if you are wondering what is the age limit for you to sign up for a new line, as long as you are above 18, you are already legible to have a line under your name! If you are below 18, you require a photo of your parent/guardian/guarantor’s IC when you apply online. And if you were to head down to the SingTel shops, your parent/guardian/guarantor needs to be present too! 

Pick your phone!
Select the phone you want in the catalogue and it even allows you to compare the different phone prices all in a click!

Select a new number or if you a current StarHub/M1 number or you find it too troublesome to a new number, all you have to do is just key in your current mobile number and you will get to keep the same mobile number!

Choose a plan!

Click ‘Next’ and all you gotta do now is to select a plan that caters to your needs. All plans reflected here sill have 10% discount off your monthly bill and an additional 1 GB worth of data, but only the ‘Lite Youth’ and ‘Value Youth’ plan will get the additional 2GB +$50 discount from me!

Order Summary
At this page, you will then be able to see the $50 off handset discount from me! The additional 2GB will be reflected on the bill when it’s delivered to you!

With just 5 simple steps and about 3-4 days for delivery, your new phone will go right in front of your door step you don’t even have to leave your house! And to assure you, your credit card information will always be secured while shopping with SingTel and they offer three convenient ways to make payment online - by Cash, Credit Card or Nets! 

In the event that you still feel safer to go down to a physical store to purchase the phone/sign up for a new line, all you need to do is email your request to with your Name, Contact Number and my name and SingTel will send over the vouchers over to you! 

Here are the questions that you might have with regards to this Youth Plan promotion:  
1. Who is eligible for the Youth Plan?
a) All students with valid local student cards 
b) Full time NS men with service status “NSF” in their 11B identity card and aged 25 years and below at the point of sign up, excluding regulars 
Do note that only 1 student card or 11B IC is applicable per youth plan. Any customer with both a valid local student card and an 11B will not be eligible to apply to 2 youth plans under his name. 

2. To which Youth Plans are the perks applicable?
Only the Lite and Value Youth Plans enjoy the perks, so do select either of these when signing up for a new line/re-contracting. 
3. Can I only sign up for this plan online?
You may also sign up for this Youth Plan at any SingTel shop, but do note that there are some special perks only available to those who sign up through my link! 
4. How does the phone trade-in work?
If you have a phone you’d like to trade in, there is an optional segment before check-out to offset your one-time payment. Select which phone you would like to trade in, and present it to the delivery person at point of delivery.

Can you believe it? Extra 2GB on top of 1GB that youth plan is offering? And that is only if you use my link below:

Click to enjoy extra 2GB and an additional $50 voucher for new sign ups and port-ins (i.e swtich from M1 or Starhub) customers only. 
For re-contracting customers, you will still get to enjoy a 10% off the bill every month and an extra 1GB!

Only completely sign ups can enjoy these privileges! 

I hope this blog post enlighten your doubt and motivates you to sign up for a new line!


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