I hope your weekend are good to you, i attended two weddings dinner over the weekend. Everyone around me is getting married and I'm pre...

I hope your weekend are good to you, i attended two weddings dinner over the weekend. Everyone around me is getting married and I'm prepared to burn my wallet because I already received another 3 invitation cards for end of year and next year! 

Speaking of which, i'm sure all ladies wants to look glamours in their evening gown. You wouldn't want to show ugly armpits right. I've heard and had horrible experienced it before because i used to shave or wax my armpits until i met Datsumo Labo.  


I always wanted a hairless and smoother body but full body hair removal is expensive. I'm felt lost when come to choosing a good salon. I had quite a bad experience (i will not disclose their name) and they are really pushy with their packages.

I've been doing a lot of research lately, and I read about Datsumo Labo from other bloggers. I also heard a lot about Datsumo from my friends who went to them and commented it is really good. 

Basically, Datsumo Labo is Asia's most hair removal salon. They are very popular among Japanese celebrities and bloggers. They uses high quality gel and equipments thus they become the most hot topic among most Singapore ladies. Usually word of mouth and it spreads like wild fire. Click through Datsumo Labo to know more about their machine. 

 Price are very reasonable! 

7 area only $99/month
22 area at $249/month

I'm extremely excited. Last week, i made my way down to Datsumo at Promo outlet. 

The therapist cleanse both my underarms before apply the cooling gel then the treatment begins. I promised you that it is painless and it is normal to feel a slight burning sensation. Finished off with a cooling pack to cool down the area where they did IPL on. 

The follow week, made my appointment at their Parkway brunch because it is just opposite J's restaurant. This time, i did IPL on my lower legs. 

Bye bye hairy legs!

Check out Datsumo Labo now.


DACING CRAB at The Grandstand.

People always ask me do i eat crabs in other restaurants and i replied them why not. J's grandmother is the creator of chilli crab doesn't mean i cannot go to other restaurants. I'm not that bias when comes to food. Wherever there is good food, i'll be there. hahaha

Thanks baby girl for always bringing me to have good food! We ordered a combo and some side to share. I was too hungry for picture. Our table(in fact, all tables) are pretty messy because we literary eat from the table.

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