A little journey with LG G3 + SingTel Youth Plan

A little journey with LG G3! If you learn anything about me from reading my blog or following me on Instagram, you'll know i love Z...

A little journey with LG G3!

If you learn anything about me from reading my blog or following me on Instagram, you'll know i love Zara very much for its clean cut, minimalism and simplicity. Though i have the tendency to get a little too dressy at times, keeping it moderately chic is still my ultimate choice for my daily outfit. Likewise for my daily essentials, i like to keep it clean and timeless.

Recently got my hand on the latest LG G3 in shine gold and I really love how elegant it is. Keeping true to LG’s “Simple is the new smart”, the new LG G3 is really sleek and easy to use.

Why did i choose LG G3?

The Metallic Skin Design is lightweight and it doesn't take up too much of my bag space if you're a small bags lover like me. LG G3 aims to simplify your life (totally suit my liking) by providing the features that matter. The Quad HD offers the most detailed screen in a smartphone. All the features that matter, simplified yet so much smarter.

Here are some of the special features which i really like!

QuickCircle allows receiving and sending messages, calls, cameras and more.

Knock Code Technology
I'm not sure about you all but this is definitely new to me! LG's new security feature known as the Knock Code Technology locks the device and allows users to customize their lock code to prevent other people from messing with their phone.

Guest Mode
One of the best features of LG G3 and a few other LG devices is the Guest Mode, which allows users to make a separate account like in PCs with a list of apps that other peoples can access in your phone. Thus, other people will not be able to access some of your apps and personal data.


Something which i find it really interesting! LG Health is designed to track and manage your daily activity with selected exercise options of walking, running and cycling. It actually has a panel that you can enable in the panel management utility and I always wanted to find how much calories i can burn by climbing up and down the stairs. Now with this, it actually calculates the calories i burn each day!


Actually this might be the most important phone function that I usually look for when I purchase a new phone. I own two compact cameras and they can be rather heavy to carry around the whole day especially on days when I wanna travel light and not worry about if I have enough room in the bag to fit my camera. But ever since I got hold of the LG G3, I honestly no longer have to worry about issues like this anymore because to put it simply: LG G3 camera has laser Auto Focus 13MP OI and it allows you take pictures fast without worrying about shaking or lighting!  

Here are some pictures i took with the LG G3 camera:

It also has the best 2.1 MP front-facing (selfie) camera so i don't have to spend time editing my photos anymore. What I really love is the built-in beauty camera which gives you the flawless skin effect!

You can either take a photo with a down button or you can motion it with the hand gesture in which it has a 3s timer for you to pose before taking the picture which comes in extremely handy especially when taking a group photo with the front camera.

Here are some selfies i took with LG G3 front-facing camera.

Photo preview after photo taken.

Luminous skin has always been seen on the red carpets, but now with the LG G3 front-facing camera it's possible to have flawless skin any time. You can adjust the flawless level to your own liking by moving the dots from right (for less flawless skin) to left (for more flawless skin).

Here i am showing you the flawless level from low to high:

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