I never thought i will be seeing you so soon! A big thank you to Gushcloud, Harbour city for the great hospitality & Cathay Pacific...

I never thought i will be seeing you so soon! A big thank you to Gushcloud, Harbour city for the great hospitality & Cathay Pacific for flying us to Hong Kong. Lots of eating, walking, shopping and many exciting activities lined up!

Here is a picture of us in the plane. 

I’ve heard quite a lot of good things bout Cathay Pacific and now I’m glad I have good things to add in too! Short flights or not, comfort is still important. I’ve been through my fair share of budget flights and space constraints can really affect the experience! E.g. trying to get out of my seat to use the toilet, I have to literally climb over my friend! What more, if it were a stranger?! But on Cathay Pacific, the leg room was really spacious and there was even in-flight entertainment! Really helped to buy time for me so it didn’t seem like such a boring 3-4 hours of looking at clouds.

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Ok back to the trip! We landed Hong Kong safely after about 4 hours.

Welcome to Marco Polo Hong Kong hotel which is located along Canton Road in Tsim Sha 
Tsui, at the heart of the city’s busiest commercial, shopping and business hub.

Opposite our hotel.

I have a spectacular harbour view from my room. 

The room.

This is my comfy room for this trip. Very spaces and clean! 


After refresh up, we head out for dinner. 

Streets of Hong Kong!

Dinner at Tsui Wah. We ordered so many dishes to try. 


Travel in Hong Kong by MTR is very convenient.

Breezy environmental was all i wanted in this trip. The weather was really humid :( 
Thank God their MTR air con was really cold. 

Roseanne, Julian, Sze and me at Mong Kok station.

Me, Tyler and Janeen at Causeway Bay station.


Though i've been Hong Kong 3 times, this was my first time to The Peak. 

Many thanks to Gushcloud we have express pass that we escape from the insanely long queue.

Get ready to meet you favourite celebrities at .... Madame Tussauds Wax Museum!! 
I'm really amazed by the workmanship, they look so real! 

Did i mentioned that we bumped into Mr Lee Kuan Yew in Hong Kong.

At the peak with breath taking view!

If you are planning for Hong Kong for this summer do check out their The Summer Fun promotion page:



A tour at Harbour City. It is just right next to Marco Polo Hotel, how convenient!


Gushcloud influencers at Harbour City!

After which lunch at Canto Deli restaurant. I have been craving dim sum in Hong Kong like forever. 
Anyway, this is what we had. Conto Deli boss is so general! She keep feeding us with so much food! Dim sum is fantastic. 

Canto Deli Boss and i.

After a sinful lunch it's time to explore the beauty hall. You can find brands like Chanel, Dior, and more.

 Our shopping journey starts now!!

Dior is one of my favourite cosmetic brand! I love love love their lipsticks and crayon waterproof eyeliner. Since i already have my make up on so i'm just took a short tour in Dior and learn more about their make up. 

Enjoy a cup of latte macchiato at a random cafe while waiting for the rest.

Yes, Style Nanda can be found in Harbour city. I sure everyone knows that Style Nanda is very popular. Every girl can never say no to Style Nanda. Every piece of clothes are like treasure. hahaha i'm just exaggerating. I love their cosmetics too. I own a lipstick in red and a lip pigmentation which i bought it during my Korea trip. 


I have never eaten so much macarons in my life. We get to try every flavours. Trust me, this is my first time trying Laduree even we have it in Singapore. I feel like a mountain turtle now. 

Their latest flavours of this season. 

Pretty boxes for you to choose if you are giving it to someone special. 

Pierre Herme from France. 
We tried several macarons. His macarons are really different from others. It's hard to explain it in word. Try it if you are at Harbour City. Before my flight, i actually went back and grabbed a box for J to try. 
Sheena (far right) is holding passion fruit macaron. This is a must try!

Marble floor deco is loved! 

 Cest la cafe cakes are unique works of art made to perfection from preparation to presentation. Exceptional flavours and texture combinations combine with extraordinary good taste and creative presentation make Ms B's cakes the crème de la crème in Hong Kong.

A book with mind blowing food photography by Ms B. It is available for sale at Cest la cafe. 

My stomach is near to exploding at this point of time. I wish i could eat them. 

Indulge in the most luxury experience in Cucina. Final meal of the day with a spectacular harbour view which i look forward to the most. Adding a touch of romance, a perfect places for special occasion with your loves one. Aww.. i wish J were here with me. 

Hope you enjoyed reading my Hong Kong trip. Thank you Gushcloud, Harbour City and Tap Dogs for having us! And don't forget to subscribe to Cathay Pacific website and win a round trip to HK! 


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