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I’m really excited to introduce to you the project I have been working on recently. Have any of you heard of the shoe brand Clarks? I’ve al...

I’m really excited to introduce to you the project I have been working on recently. Have any of you heard of the shoe brand Clarks? I’ve always grown up seeing it but more recently, I’ve come to know that it’s not like any ordinary shoe brand. Clarks shoes have a range of technology that helps to ensure your feet are well taken care of.

Getting a good pair of shoes are important and Clarks promises you style without compromise. Some of their shoes have technologies such as intelligent underfoot cushioning which brings your foot back to their natural position. You also have the GORE-TEX range that is put together with good materials to get a waterproof and durable shoe. There’s also the Active Air range, which ensures underfoot cushioning with air circulation around the foot. There are quite a few more technologies but these are among those I thought were pretty interesting.

Back to the campaign, this Spring/Summer, Clarks is running a campaign called #ClarksInAWeek Voting Contest. Together with some 6 regional bloggers from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, I’ll be bringing you on a journey through a week in my shoes. So you will be able to follow the various bloggers’ journeys and see how we have styled our outfits wearing this season’s Clarks collection.

So the journey started when I was on the way to the store to pick up 2 pairs of shoes of my choice from the new 2014 Spring/Summer collection. Was pretty excited on the way to the store.

Reached the store and started trying on the different shoes from their latest Spring/Summer collection. They have such a large selection of comfortable shoes to keep your feet happy all day long. I’m sure many of you know I love killer heels but wearing heels too often is very bad for your back. Hence I wanted to choose a good pair of flats that would see me through the week well. It took me forever to choose 2 pairs of shoes out of so many as there was quite a variety to choose from!

Once I’ve settled on the design, I got a little stuck with the colours as I had to pick and plan ahead the best colour for this campaign. Normally, I love black shoes because it is safe and easy to match. However, I thought maybe I should get out of my comfort zone and try something new. After all, it is the Spring/Summer collection! After spending lots of time at the store, I came back home with 2 pair of shoes!


This has the Active Air technology that gives my underfoot great cushioning.


This pair comes in black and lilac and I chose the lilac to give my outfit a pretty pop of pastel. It comes with the Clarks Plus* technology which has an underfoot cushioning that helps restore your feet to your natural position, allowing you to move according to your foot’s built.

I usually get blisters and ugly scars when I wear new shoes, but surprisingly not with Clarks! They were really comfortable and proved to provide both style and comfort.

I personally think the best thing about Clarks shoes is that it goes with any style. When it comes to fashion, I’m very experimental. I usually dress up according to my mood and the weather. For example, I love wearing long sleeves on sunny days to protect myself from the UV rays. Other times, I would wear a sleeveless top to feel more comfortable amidst the humid Singapore weather. All this talking is getting me excited, let me just show you how I pair these shoes with my daily outfits!!


Running away from the Monday blues with this lovely lilac pair of shoes! Although it’s a pair of sandals, I love how the silver strap gives it a more stylish finish making my outfit look casual chic.

Ran quite a bit of errands in Town on Tuesday and I had to walk around so much. What better way to keep me going than a comfortable pair of flats?

It rained earlier on Wednesday, so I decided to snuggle up in my comfy sweater. Felt a little gloomy and was pondering on whether I should throw on some flip-flops. Thankfully, I decided on this lovely lilac pair of shoes and it just brightened up my day and outfit.

With this pair of flats, I feel like I can go anywhere and do anything! Especially when running errands, these babies became my shoe of choice! Moreover, choosing an earthy tone was quite smart because it matches pretty easily with a lot of my outfits.

Decided to head out for drinks after a long week at work! Who knows what the night beholds, so I decided to slip on my pair of golden Clarks. Because of the slight shimmer, it was the perfect smart casual combination!

Saturday, my favorite day of the week. Have any of you experienced having to plan your outfit to fit a whole day’s worth of activity? Well, it was one of those days on Saturday so I had to plan an outfit for both the day and a possible clubbing night out. Decided to rely on my trusty gold flats because I know Clarks won’t fail me. They are so comfortable, and once again, Clarks managed to play up my outfit for a long day out.

The weekend went by so quickly. It's amazing how times flies! Here's an outfit I casually put together for brunch. Pairing with these lilac babies makes my outfit look effortlessly chic.

Here’s a video of my 7 looks!

Going through this journey with Clarks, I realized that despite my constant change in attire, I did not have to worry about what shoes to wear. I’ve come to realize and believe that Clarks shoes are suitable for any occasion and any outfit! I hope you enjoyed the pictorial journey through a week in my shoes!

And now, it’s time to rally for your votes! Please cast your votes for me on all three social platforms. Multiple votes are allowed. :)

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Many thanks Clarks!


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