VIETNAM Ho Chin Minh City  (Overdue entry)  It was extremely warm(warmer than Singapore) on the day we arrived. We had to...

Ho Chin Minh City 

(Overdue entry)

 It was extremely warm(warmer than Singapore) on the day we arrived. We had to travel by taxi in the day. A little dress down, won' hurt. It was a short getaway anyway.

I became a food adventurer when i was in Vietnam, i crave for food all the time. 
Dinning at a decent looking restaurant which serve yummy Pho(Beef noodles). You can never left the city without trying pho. 

While waiting for our driver to bring us to our next destination for more food. 

Exploring Ben Thanh Market Saigon. The largest night market in Ho chi Minh City. Also known the livest area in the city.

Chilling at a street stall located just beside the street with fresh fruits and freshly squeezed fruit juices. Simple pleasure like this makes us happy.

Woke up pretty early because we know we are going to have pork slice noodles .

Our fatty face(my face was still swelling from the surgery, his was due to too much food!). 

After a good meal, we were up for massage. 

Massage was fantastic. We headed to somewhere for incredibly yummy shell food! Piles of raw seafood are usually displayed at stalls for customers to see. Vendors will grill or stir-fry it to order.

This is the reason why i cannot provide you the address of places i visited because they are all in Vietnamese.

Stepped into the first shopping mall which has all the high end brands. 

Having the famous Grilled pork rib with rice for supper. It is so good that it sold out really fast!

Motor riding was quite an experience. Safe if you're careful. Dangerous because the road in the city is completely crazy but if you can cross the road in Vietnam, you can ride a motor bike there. Traffic tends to swarm into every available gap in the road, but you’ll be just fine if you just take it easy.

Thank you for the birthday surprise. It was my first birthday away from home. I swear i have the sweetest boyfriend in the universe. 

Birthday dinner at a nice restaurant in town. He knows my love for beef and pork ribs.

Make the most out of tonight and worry about it all tomorrow.

The next day...

Dinner at Barbecue garden is a very popular outdoor restaurant.

Flavorsome, delicious cheesy beef!

This is one of my favorite vietnamese breakfast. Curry beef stew and bread is the best combination.

Vietnamese ice coffee is to die for. 
If you are a coffee lover, you have to try. 

Simple love the hair wash here! Dirt cheap, and service superb! 

Look forward to more traveling with J. 

That is all for my Vietnam trip.


  1. Hi Reiee,

    would like to ask you to recommend the make up you are using, especially Concealer and Foundation/BB cream or Loose powder.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi! Sure. Will do a blog post on that soon :)


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