JW PLASTIC SURGERY PART 2: Consultation day.

Hi lovely readers! Thank you for all you wishes and compliments. The swelling went down a lot as the day goes by. If you want first hand ...

Hi lovely readers! Thank you for all you wishes and compliments. The swelling went down a lot as the day goes by. If you want first hand updates, follow me on Instagram. The swelling for my eyelids takes about 2 months and for my nose takes about 6 month! As promised, today i am going to share with you about my experience with Jw Plastic Surgery Korea. I am going to spilt the blog posts into 4 different parts. Read my previous  here.

Watch the video on our first time in JW Plastic Surgery Korea.

I guess i was doing okay during my recovering period(more on this in the next post). I'm glad i made this huge decision even though some people may not agree with me because i definitely feel better then before. I received good compliments(bad ones also but it didn't affects me at all) and many commented that my result is very natural! 

I'm still not used to how i look now BUT i definitely love the result! Now, i DO NOT have to photoshop my photos. I used to ignore the whole group because i am too engrossed in my phone. haha

Anyway, i am going to blog about my consultation with 3 different doctors from JW plastic surgery. Thank God, the doctors speak english! My heart is at peace throughout the consultation. I told them what i want and listened to me carefully.

Here, i am with Agnes(left) and Agri(middle) standing outside JW Plastic Surgery.


 I was blown away by their beautiful interior. I thought i was in a art gallery for a moment.
On the left, stairs to heaven.

On the right, comfy waiting lounge for the customers.

Level 2 reception.

Level 3 reception.

There are computers for you to serve the internet. FYI, it is in Korean language. Try your luck to figure out. 

Here i am with Dr Chul Hwan Seul. He suggesting me to do full face fats grafting for a more youthful look. He is going to extracting some fats from my tights to fill up the dents on my forehead, under eyes and smile line. 

This is Dr Man Koon Sul  specialise in rhinoplasty also the head of JW. Nose is my main concern. I told Dr Suh that i want a straight nose bridge instead of a curve nose bridge(many Korean girls have curve nose so they look more feminine). He recommended me to raise the bridge with half silicon and little enhancement on the nose tips by using part of my nose cartilage, keeping the overall balance. He explained to me in details which i really appreciated it. 

Often said, "Eyes is the window of your soul". I look tired and sad all the time even though i'm not. I had enough of that. Having a bigger and brighter eyes have always being on the top of my wish list. I'm really excited of the outcome. 

I have multiple folds on my eyelids. To achieve a more define eyelids, Dr Choi suggested me to do incisional double eyelids surgery and ptosis to life the upper muscle so I will not look sleepy. This is a procedure to repair saggy and droopy upper eyelids. This is very challenging procedure. I saw how stressful Dr Choi was in the operation room because he wants to perfect my eye shape. I was on local anesthesia for eye surgery so i was awake during the surgery. Don't worry because it is zero pain, i could only felt Dr Choi touching my eyelid(more on this in the next post). 

I did my surgery the next day. The surgery is very successful! I was surprised! I feel all energetic after surgery. I could even go out shopping! Stay with me for more excited experience with JW Plastic Surgery.

In the next post I will be share more photos of my post surgery photos! Also,
stay tune for part 2 of the video!


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