I'M SUPER EXCITED!  Finally I made a decision to fly to Korea  to get some plastic surgery! I have been doing a lot of resear...


Finally I made a decision to fly to Korea  to get some plastic surgery! I have been doing a lot of research on hospitals. So my friend Agnes from Incite Communication apporached me and recommended JW Plastic Surgery Korea(I asked about her surgery before so she knew that I am really keen). She shared with me her experience and what I really love is that the result is very natural!

I really thankful that Agnes quoted me a promotional rate too! 

Hopefully i will look Angelababy after my surgery! haha

Joke aside.

I made this decision because i've always wanted to achieve a more feminine yet edgy look. I'm often judge by people because of my ice queen look. They actually thinks that i'm arrogant, hard to approach  etc... It is really depressing when people thinks that i'm that kind of person just based on my look.

First impressions are always the most important because humans tend to judge too quickly.

I have to announce to the whole world that I'm really lucky and happy that my parents gave me such nice features however i feel that some parts can be better. I used to think that plastic surgery is not necessary.

You know as you age, your mind set will change too.

Well, life as a blogger/model I'm always in front of the camera, i'm always starring at myself in the mirror and spotted flaws and wish that it could be better :(  I want to look good and be more confident in myself. When i am happy, i can be my best when i'm with my love one and friends. Nobody likes to hangout with negative/sad people right?

 Life is about upgrading yourself isn't it?!

Some people may think plastic surgery is not necessary and some are open to it.
It's all individual.

Preparation for korea trip was tedious yet exciting. I'm excited because i'm experience snow and extremely cold weather for the very first time and of cause my new look(I'm super excited!!). Down side is... i have no idea how many layers to wear to keep myself warm. Many errands to run. Getting shoes, thermal wear, heat packs etc. And also down time of the surgery. I can't imagine myself waking up to puffy face.

I have think through a million times and these are the surgery i am going to do.

Double eyelid surgery to levator the muscle so i will have a bigger and brighter eyes. As you can see from the photographs above i look really sleepy. 

 Fats grafting on whole face. 

I have yet to decide anything about my nose. Doctor recommended me tip augementation and bridge augementation so i will have a nicer nose!

Incase you are wondering if i had a nose job before the answer is no. Completely natural! Thanks to my parents that i have a nose bridge!  

Stay with me because I will be blogging and posting photos on my instagram(@reieek) from Korea! 



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