LOSE WEIGHT FAST with OSIM uShape massager.

I'm up early on a Saturday for a reason! I was invited to  OSIM uShape easily burns off excess calories from festive feasting. Saw t...

I'm up early on a Saturday for a reason! I was invited to OSIM uShape easily burns off excess calories from festive feasting. Saw the golden word!? Yes, that's right. With Chinese New Year fast approaching,  irresistible goodies like pineapple tart, love letters and bak kwa (barbequed sweet meat) are rich in calories, lead to weight gain. 

How to burn it fast? Read further to find out how. 

To all ladies who loves to snack and does not move much. 
Festive binging and deskbound lifestyles result in poor circulation from inactive muscles. Piling on the weight and fats often lead to health issues. Movement and exercise are key to strengthening those muscles, and improving circulation and flexibility.

For those who dislike exercising, you must try OSIM uShape! The compact, all-in-one, exercise machine burns calories with minimal effort simply by using the uShape. 

Here’s what you can burn off from your festive binge:

OSIM introduces OSIM uShape, a full-body vibration exerciser that helps to burn off calories without exhaustive effort. The slender and portable exerciser is designed to achieve a full body workout with little time and effort, making it the perfect tool for trimming fats accumulated from the festive binge. 

One can trim off 164 calories resulting from eating two pineapple tarts, just by using the uShape for 13 minutes.

Comprehensive Range of Benefits
Simple, fast and effective shaping and toning of the whole body
Increase metabolism to accelerate the break down of fats
Low-impact all-in-one workout
Strengthen muscles, improve balance and flexibility
Reduce appearance of cellulite
Improve circulation
Relieve stress, improve mood and soothe muscle tension
Effective indoor exerciser in the convenience and comfort of your home

We are ready to burn off some calories!

The OSIM uShape is ideal for a home workout, in the following ways: 
a full body workout, 
stretch, spot and strength training

Circulation - gentle vibration rhythms and lower speeds to get the circulation in the body going.
Firm - gradual increasing speeds and alternating fast and slow rhythms to help firm muscles.
Strengthen - intense high speeds and dynamic vibration rhythms to help strengthen muscles.

Stretch Training
Stretch training on the uShape boosts muscle flexibility, range of motion and improves circulation. Frequent stretching helps to keep your muscles from getting tight, allowing you to maintain proper posture.

Use uShape to achieve toned body! 
uShape's Whole Body Exercise Vibration Training for Effective Toning and Shaping.

The uShape is an exercise-friendly equipment which sends strong vibrations to the whole body as you stand, sit or hold varying positions - such as squat, push up and lunge. As such, it has also been known as a whole body exercise vibration training system.

Strength Training
Strength training not only builds lean muscles which burn calories more efficiently when working out, but also increases metabolism which helps to burn fat faster, even while you are at rest.

Full-body Workout - Shaping up is as easy as 1-2-3!

Choose from a total of 9 convenient full-body workouts (3 auto programmes x 3 standing positions) and 10 levels of oscillation intensities according to your needs. 

Shape your body in progressive levels i.e. beginners, intermediate, advanced. Simply shift your feet and increase the intensity of each auto programme by adopting the 3 different standing positions to improve circulation, firm and strengthen your body.

Encourage lazy urbanites to get into shape by designing fitness equipment that is easy and effortless to use and yet burns calories for a full body workout. 

uShape is wireless Control for Greater Convenience
With the remote control in your hands, you can select and customise your workout options easily and conveniently with the touch of a button. 

It is Sleek and Mobile Design.
The sleek and slim design of the uShape allows you to store it under the bed or sofa when not in use and the wheel caster on the side allows you to move the uShape effortlessly to where you want to work out.

More information about uShape Body Shaper, visit their website at 

Eat well lose weight!
After a great workout other than drinking plenty of water, the food we eat are important too
Osim is so nice to arrange healthy food from Xndo for us. 

People often says that healthy food are tasteless not appetizing. Xndo prove you wrong! 
Xndo food already low in calories and they are really yummy. This is the only time i eat without feeling guilty.

Xndo food are half the calories as compared to what you have in a normal meal.

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