First post of the year! I hope everyone enjoyed your countdown party. Mine was rather chill this year.  Nothing is better then with g...

First post of the year!

I hope everyone enjoyed your countdown party. Mine was rather chill this year. 
Nothing is better then with great companies! I love moment like this. It make us think of the obstacle we had encounter throughout the years and wish to improve in this new year!

I love my parents so much. I'm really happy that I've met J. He's my happy pie. He gave me the best and always want me to be happy. And his parents are always taking care of me. I feel so lucky to have J and his family in my life. Not forgetting my friends. Friends comes and go. I'm happy that i made awesome people and we maintain our friendship. Those moments are always fun and crazy!

In 2014, "J" stands for "AWESOME". Apparently he knows my shoes size! I guess he didn't make any efforts because i flooded his house with my shoes! My New Year resolution only can buy one pair of shoes every half a year. Nay~ Mission impossible! Maybe getting a new shoes rack will be much more easier. haha

Back to topic, traffic were so bad but we manged to catch it! It was beautiful even though i got to  watch it every year when i was still a kid. I was so up close and i got to light the fireworks myself! Of cause i didn't do it in Singapore.

Pardon my sexy toes. This is what happen when you get too comfortable with boyfriend. Am i right, ladies?!

Time with Rocky! 

Everyone wants to look good on Chinese New Year but many late  night with massive amount of alcohol consumed into our body does not help us to achieve flawless skin!

Don't panic because you have Beauti instinct.

Here is a follow up post of  the OXY RADIANCE TREATMENT & OC2 MASK which i did 2 weeks ago. You can read my previous post here.

Smile lines are so unflattering. It makes me look older than my age. OXY RADIANCE NEEDLE ROLLER TREATMENT also helps to reduce wrinkles around your eyes and lips. Instant result! 

 OC2 MASK-i called the magic mask which contains many powerful ingredient for radiance skin. My skin is super raw after roller treatment. So it desperately need products. Its like a dry sponge when you throw into a pot of water. 

Let the mask set onto you skin as long as possible. Min 2 hours. So come earlier for your appointment.

I'm so in love with my skin! After treatment my skin looks healthier and firmer. I no longer spending so much time doing my make up to achieve flawless skin.  All i need is tinted sunblock and concealer for my dark circle. Not just that i look younger! People guess i'm 18 years old! haha

Use the correct products, eat well, sleep well and drink loss of water to maintain good skin!

Book your appointment now with Rita at 67339149

Beauti Instinct 
Pte Ltd 545 Orchard Road Far East Shopping Centre
 #03-14/#03-39 Singapore 238882



  1. Editing of eyes a bit too big in few of the photos... quite scary haha. Love your hair!


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