Stress before Chinese New year!  My skin breakouts really bad. I did not panic because i knew i have Beauti instinct!  My battle for ...

Stress before Chinese New year! 
My skin breakouts really bad. I did not panic because i knew i have Beauti instinct! 

My battle for congested skin is never ending(For now). My active acne is more or less under control these days but my skin is still very congested and if I don't constantly deal with it my skin will have little bumps under the skin, horrible! My skin is very thin so it clogged pores easily. My skin is so sensitive that ever low level of stress can cause my skin breakouts :(

There is always a solution to every problem. 

Problems after problems.

My face looks like got stung by bees after extraction.
After they cleared my pores, Rita knows that i'm really bad at keeping skin clean, she recommended me this treatment called CELL RENEWAL TREATMENT (CRT)

It treats acne fast, prevents new breakouts and formation of new acne scars, improves sensitive skin and redness. Helps remove blocked pores and prevents new acnes from occurring.
The cell renewal treatment results in skin looking healthier, plumper,tighter,smoother and clearer skin form the first treatment.

Ultimately, go for more session to maintain your skin as acnes and pimples does no disappear just in one treatment. Acnes and pimples takes some time to treat. For example, your pores are clear today your skin feels clean, after several days without the correct skincare and bacteria from everywhere attacks your skin, it will get congested and breakouts again. Trust me, i've been there done that. Many years of experience of a acnes skin problem person I highly recommend you to try CELL RENEWAL TREATMENT (CRT).

So Beauti Instinct have a promotion for you! Now
3sessions of Cell Renewal Treatment @ $555.00 UP: $837.00
5sessions of Cell Renewal Treatment @ $855.00 UP: $1'395.00

I like it that Beauti Instinct treats your skin after extraction. Your skin is very raw so this is the best time to let it absorb all the powerful ingredients!

Here i am doing Skin Repair CO2 MASK!

I really love CO2 mask and i'm willing scarify 2 hours of my precious time just for this! I was telling Rita that i'd take a taxi home and leave it over night if i have the correct products to apply after mask because CO2 mask is so good!

CO2 Mask features many powerful ingredients that repairs, revitalize and promote ongoing benefits for your skin lasting several hours after each treatment. It stimulates fibroblast for wound healing, creates new collagen and elastin fiber cell. By using CO2 extracts, your skin is nourished with the cleanest and most potent nutrients available from nature.

A safe and effective Treatment Mask with it's many benefits.

-Activates microcirculation
-Boosts cell metabolism
-Creates new collagen & elastin fiber cells, fights ageing
-Increases blood flow by vasodilation
-Stimulates fibroblasts for wound healing
-Supresses inflammation ( acne, post-laser irradiation…)

With tinted sunblock only! Still have some redness at my forehead. It will get better and disappear after days :)

If you want baby smooth skin and natural glow,
CO2 MASK is all you need.


3x Skin Repair CO2 MASK @ $244.00 UP: $267.00
5x Skin Repair CO2 MASK @ $333.00 UP: $445.00

Quote ‘RK’ and enjoy the promotion above or a
30% Discount on a 1x Trial Treatment.

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