In this post I'm gonna  share with ya'll  how Beauti Instinct have helped me improved my skin tremendously!  I've received s...

In this post I'm gonna  share with ya'll  how Beauti Instinct have helped me improved my skin tremendously!
 I've received so many compliments! If you've been a follower of mine you would already know I'm not bless with good skin. 

The only time I can remember having flawless skin was when I  was fourteen and start having pimples and acnes thereafter during my puberty
 and the condition worsen when I used to party so much then and hence I've decided to party less and start leading a healthier lifestyle.
 I start eating right cause there's a saying " You are what you eat" so true........ trust me, I've been there done that. 

Great skin is all genetics. I strongly agree! I see a live example everyday-my boyfriend, Justin. I love him very much but i hate him for his good genes.  He loves junk food and he does not have breakouts for having too much of snacks! How annoying. I have to admit that he has better complexion than mine. P.s We love to fight who is better. haha

Thank God I met Beauti Instinct. *Put your put your  Hands up!!*

This is my second time doing rose peel chemical treatment. 
You can read my 1st rose peel treatment here

If your skin condition is anything like mine, I'm sure you'd love this treatment.
After treatment:
 Rose Peel Treatment help treat oily and acnes skin even those with sensitive skin condition.
 It improves circulation for an even tone and brighter complexion, exfoliates dead cells,
 allowing new layers to surface for smoother and more radiant complexion. 
My uneven skin tone has improved and my complexion is livelier now.

2 weeks after Rose Peel Treatment, I made my way to Beauti instinct for my long awaited Roller Treatment!!I'm super excited because my girlfriends have been telling me how awesome it is and this is
one of their customer's all time favorite treatment! 

They use this needle roller to roll my whole face, yes it hurts a little but the bearable kind of pain.

Oh my!  I couldn't believe my eyes and thought my skin was oily.
But when I  used the back of my hand to touch my forehead, to my surprise it weren't oily at all!! 

My complexion on day 5. I'm ready to go shopping with just a thin layer of tinted sunblock,
concealer to cover my dark circles, my usual eye make up and blush!
They would suggest you allow your skin recover for at least  a week or so. 

OXY RADIANCE NEEDLE ROLLER TREATMENT helps to boost your skins natural radiance by soothing environmentally irritated and stained skin. Reinforce the skin immune system and improve skin condition. The roller treatment incorporated with unique rejuvenating serum help nourishes and hydrates your complexion while stimulating skin regeneration thus reducing the visible signs of aging.
The Needle Roller Treatment is suitable for all skin type! 

CO2 MASK features many powerful ingredients that repair, revitalize and promote ongoing benefits for your skin
lasting several hours after each treatment. It stimulates fibroblast for wound healing, creates new collagen and elastin fiber cell. 
Highly recommend for use together with the Needle Roller Treatment. 

Book your appointment now with Rita at 67339149
and enjoy a 30% + additional 10% Discount should you mention my name. 

Beauti Instinct Pte Ltd
545 Orchard Road
Far East Shopping Centre #03-14/#03-39 
Singapore 238882


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