Back track to Digital Fashion week 2013 x Topshop. Thank you Gushcloud and Topshop for the awesome invitation. I simply love attend...

Back track to Digital Fashion week 2013 x Topshop.

Thank you Gushcloud and Topshop for the awesome invitation. I simply love attending fashion show as i can see many pretty clothes and models! I'm so envy of this flawless long legs! Anyway, Lets see what i worn to the fashion show. 
Well, i was planning on this pair of sky high heels from TopShop but it was too high and i afraid that there will be a lot of walking. :(

Arrvied the destination with Tricia. What a rare coincident! We picked the same furry dress for this event. 

My invitation card with my name on it. 

The waiting area where we can enjoy cocktails and light bites. Saw many celebrities and bloggers at the event.

The awesome GushCloud bloggers!

Photo country of AudreyLiTing.

A photo with Gushcloud manager and bloggers before the show: Audrey, Audrey, Asyiha and Xavier. 

Photo courtesy of Eunice.
My love for Topshop has always been the same. I love everything from this collection! 

With Sharon Au! She is ultra humble!

GushCloud bloggers at the Digital Fashion Week After Party at Knight bridge.

Our beloved GushCloud managers.

Met Agri at the after party!! 
We had dinner at Paragon after the event! 



This is one of the best event i've ever worked. I got to experience and make some japanese friend there even though we had a problem communicating. They are so nice and polite. Always putting on a smile on their face and they seems so happy and energetic all the time! I really enjoyed myself there. 

This is my outfit for the show- Marble wonderland by Asia Kawaii. "Asia Kawaii" is the way to make girls "KAWAII". So i'm in the SHIBUYA section. I got to walk with famous models who are people are dying to take photo with. How lucky!  For those who don't know. They are super popular in the anime world.

Cam whore before i leaving the house because i love my eye makeup so much that day.
Cage dress from

Love my outfit so much! This cage reminds me of the outfit Lena fuji was wearing a cage peplum flounced peplum skirt for Asia Style collection.

I thought the wig was hilarious at first because i'm not use to seeing my self with bangs! I sent a picture to J and he said i looks older :( So i guess, bangs doesn't suit me. 

My shoes for the show. So pretty!

Hair stylists from japan.

Cam-whore while waiting.

With Ashley.

How i look ?

Transformation in progress.

Aren't this cute? Done by my hairstyle's girlfriend in Japan.


I couldn't reconginse myself. 

A photo with Akiko Ishikawa. She's so pretty! 

This is Alodia Gosiengfiao. She's very famous cosplayer model and artist.

i suppose this is Tenchim, and Akiko Ishikawa.

I'm not the only local models, here are other models walking for Asia Kawaii.

Photos below courtesy of  HongPeng! Thanks for the nice shots.
My shoes are a little tight it affects my walks during the show :( I was so scared of falling down.

Photo courtesy of

After the runway, i went to Maid Cafe to visit Yutakis and Miyake!
Didn't have time to dine there as i was rushing off to meet Milly.

Everybody say hi to Jim!

Dine dine with Milly(Boss of Milly's II @ FEP) and going to kbox was quite a impromptu plan. 
We got so bored of emo chinese song that we blast party music such as Titanium, We found love.... 
I guess the party mood is slowly heating up!  

After, we decided to chill at her place with some alcohol. 

Milly's puppies! Aren't they are adorable? Always smiling. One of them actually tried to kiss me(How cheeky) or it is my lipstick? I'll take it as they love me okay haha...

Blame the party music at kbox we ended our night at Fenix. 

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