Hello people! I spent my whole afternoon to edit and organize these photos. Many overdue photos. In this post im gonna update on places i w...

Hello people! I spent my whole afternoon to edit and organize these photos. Many overdue photos. In this post im gonna update on places i went and events i attended in the past few weeks.  I'm still thinking if i should attend an event later. Why am i such a lazybum.

Anyway, J and i bought his family to a korean restaurant(which i always wanted to try) at Clarke Quay.
And i just recovered from my horrible fever. So my carving for food is huge! Not all family members are present that night but we had an enjoyable dinner with each other's company. Let's check it out:    

Spicy chicken is a must try. Very very spicy!!

My friend(far right) from KL came visit me! The last time i met them was many years ago in KL.
I'm sure everyone knows Fay and Charles, very very sweet couple! Charles was so quiet the whole time when the food was served. haha I glad they enjoyed Roland's food. 

Address: 89 Marine Parade Central Singapore, Singapore 440089 
Weekdays: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, 6:00 pm - 10:30 pm

It was a gift from J.  Thanks for being so sweet to me all this while! Love little surprises.

Just kidding. I thought that Rocky look like a carpet here(first photo below). haha Had some playtime with him because he was bored and he was happy to see my brother too. But some times Rocky can be really fierce and tries to attack my friend before. So my advise, please do not go near him thought he's really cute.

Took some ootd shoot. More information on this top(photo below), visit my Instagram.

Lunch at Rice and Fries. I have to say that this cafe is a hidden gem. Price are very reasonable for it's quality. NO gst and NO service charge. We ordered fish and chips, steaks, cappuccino mushroom soup, and dessert(i forgot the name for it). Everything cost less than $60! How cheap is that!

Address: 484 Changi Road (off Frankel Avenue), Singapore 419896

On the same day, J and i attended SunKiller event at Millenia walk. Met many bloggers for the very first like. Chit chat and eating session with some of them as we were all sitting in different tables. I hope i don't give them a bad impression as i have very very ice queen look. Hey, don't judge a book by it's cover. Like wise for human begin. I'm very very friend just that i'm super shy to say hi to people. #factsaboutme. haha 

Anyway, i really like their products. Very light weight, not oily and not sticky. I have been using their BB sun cream on my lazy days. It is low in coverage so if you are looking for super good coverage this product is not the best choice for you. They have a range for you to choose, from Perfect strong to Water sunscreen.

Movie at Cineleisure. J look so good in foral jacket. 
I've considered to make he wear more colorful and i'm glad he like it! haha
No more boring black and white wardrobe. 

New member in town!!

Nails by Chloe at .
Quote my name for 10% off. 

Filming for Singpost. Will blog more on this once the video is out. 
Photo with my make up artist of the day.

Simple pleasure.
Huge craving for ice cream because i was in foul mood that day. So bought me to Haagen-Danz

Random snippet.

Replace the old chrome hearts sticker to the current Givenchy. So in love with it!


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