SALON VIM “The right hairstyle can make a plain woman beautiful and a beautiful woman unforgettable.” Your hairstyle reflects a lot...


“The right hairstyle can make a plain woman beautiful and a beautiful woman unforgettable.”

Your hairstyle reflects a lot your personality and it leaves a deep impression to others. I have a friend(i believe everyone know who), Gwendolyn, she changes her hair colour frequently and with her bubbly and out going personality, everyone remember her. I got so tempted to dye my hair pink after hanging out with her but due to work i only could play with warm colours. 

Anyway, visited my trusty Salon Vim for my monthly hair service. Frankly speaking, I got really tempted to dye my hair brighter but i told Ymond that i want the super healthy looking hair. So he tone it down to ash brown.
Before: My hair are dry and fizzy.

After: I never have doubt with Ymond's suggestion. I am really happy with the shade that he chose for me. And i did their new hair treatment which gives me a more lively hair.

 Introducing you KERASTASE FUSIO-DOSE. The first made-to-measure active ingredients fused by the hair stylist for profound hair transformation. A system rich in active ingredients, super concentrated and blended to suit your needs directly from the hairdresser. 

KERASTASE FUSIO-DOSE makes it easy to spot your Primary and Secondary need with this ingenious slide tablet. Fusio dose Primary Need Concentrates and Secondary Need Boosters. Fusion of the Concentrate (those in the bottles) and Boosters (Caps with intense ingredients), when combined together creates a tailor-made hair treatment that targets all hair damage. I did treatment for coloured and dry hair. It's really cool how they mix them together and it for you to find out!

I am very impressed with the result. My hair feels like a baby hair after KERASTASE FUSIO-DOSE hair treatment.

Let's check out my new range of hair KERASTASE products. 

Shampoo Bain Chroma Riche(left) for dry, highlighted or color-treated hair and preventing my colour fading off. 

Fondant Chroma Captive(right) for ultimate color radiance for color-treated hair. They smell really nice and it makes my hair silky, shiny, and stabilises my colour.

Nutritive Oleo Relax(left) suitable for natural fizzy hair like mine. I saw an immediate difference in my hair before and after blow dry my hair. It made my hair colour more vibrant because of it shiny and lasted whole day

Resistance Bain de Force(right) suit all hair type. The smell is beautiful -dermatologist good smelling products. This shampoo does a great job but not my choice for everyday use. Lines in fear of chemical, I alternate with KERASTAE reflection Bain Chome as Resistance Bain de Force considering all the stronger chemicals incorporated into the product.  

Thank you Ymond and Salon Vim.

Mention my name "REIEE" for 10% off.

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