"Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is  something inside you that is greater than any obstacle". S...

"Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is 
something inside you that is greater than any obstacle".

Start off this blog post with a wise quote. Hope you it enlighten your mood because tomorrow most of you will be back to work. BOO...! TO MONDAY.

I'm wearing Halter Neck Bralet from SASHAXOXO.COM  latest collection. 

Met up with my secondary school best friend for Tim Ho Wan the other day because there was no queue.If i'm isn't on diet, i would have two or three round of their BBQ pork buns. Other dishes are decent. I will go back for their buns again. 



Last Saturday was a busy day. I had an appointment with Beauti Instinct for face slimming treatment, you can read it here. Then i had to rush home to prepare for event later. I took quite some time to decide what to wear. After several times, i finally decided on this super bodycon red dress which i bought it online randomly and thought it was nice. I was surprised that i actually worn it out. J was surprised too.  I thought it'd hide somewhere in the wardrobe to collect dust. If you know me better, you'd know how much i dislike dresses especially on my off days. I just want to feel comfortable, dress makes me feel restricted. Anyway, thanks to Milly(you look so gorgeous always), i attended Best Model of The World preview at Attica. Thanks for the great events!

Then the whole group left for supper. It was also my little brother's birthday, so we decided to celebrate his birthday at some bar near by. It was a chili night, i couldn't have too much drink as i have photo shoot the next day else my face will look puffy.


Little pink peplum 

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Woke up with really puffy face. Must be the drinking last night. 
Disclaimer: I was drinking green tea most of the time. Feeling so regret. 

Few weeks ago, i got "BOOKED" for photo shoot for a new blog shop at a really nice hotel which is just located behind Changi point. First thing caught my eyes when i enter the room was the bed, it is so comfy. hahaha!! So sweet of them, bought cupcakes for me. I had the orea one, tired the velvet one before. If you ask me to choose which i my favorite, I would say both because i'm greedy!

Will blog about this new blogshop once their website is launch. 



J and i had lunch at our favorite cafe, Swiss Backer. We love this place because it is really near J's house, and the food is good. I had Classic Omelette with ham and cheese toppings, and J had Ultimate Swiss Rotis. I also love their nicely renovated the space. We sat near the big windows, perfect natural lighting for photo taking. 

If you love this stripe crop top which i worn in the photos above, do stay with me as i will be blogging on XXX very soon!



  1. May i know where you gt e red bodycon dress from? Also can share about ur diet plan? Thanks

  2. May i know where is the red bodycon dress from?


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