Hello readers, can't believe i'm still up at this hour to blog. It's 4:41AM now. Anyway, here's a follow up of my rec...

Hello readers, can't believe i'm still up at this hour to blog. It's 4:41AM now. Anyway, here's a follow up of my recent MAKE ME BEAUTIFUL treatment at Beauti Instinct. Continue reading to find out more.

Can you spot the difference? 
Rita did one side of my face. My right side of my face is slimmer than the other side. 

Isn't it amazing? I see tremendous improvement to my face shape after just 3 sessions of The MAKE ME BEAUTIFUL Treatment. You can read my reviews on my previous treatment here

At the end of my 3rd treatment my skin feels is tighter and firmer. My chin is sharper and my face looks much longer now. There  was two dent on the side of my face of which it's less visible now.They're gonna continue working on the stubborn muscle on both side of my cheek as i've got super big face for many years.

I am so happy to see that my face is getting smaller and smaller & still couldn't believe my eyes each time they pass me the mirror to see the difference!! You should really try MAKE ME BEAUTIFUL if you want slimmer face with no downtime & without having to go through any pain of injection or surgery!

Hurry call Beauti Instinct now @ 6733 9149 and 
quote my name"RK" and enjoy a promotional offer of $99 per session. 
Usual Price $289.00. 

***Promotion is good till 15 Sep 2013. 

 Beauti Instinct is located at 
Far East Shopping Centre #03-14/#03-39 (opposite Thai Embassy)


Pampered ourselves so much that day. Lunch at Gyu Kaku at UE SQUARE was wonderful. J's lunch plan failed terribly because the restaurant was fully booked the whole day and Gyu kaku came to my mind. They serve really good meat. We ordered a warai set to shared. The portion seems small but our tummies were protruding after the meal. 


J surprised me to this french restaurant/bar at Millenia Walk. 

I received a couple of beautiful outfits and accessories yesterday. Also, i will be visiting XXX this afternoon to select some stuffs for blogging and meeting a blog shop owner to collect more clothes for instagram posts. Can't wait to share with you all!! 

I'm dead tired. Good night and good morning to you. 


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