VERSACE X CHROME HEARTS NAILS. Did my nails at Milly's II the day before my photoshoot. I totally ran out of ideas. So as i was b...


Did my nails at Milly's II the day before my photoshoot. I totally ran out of ideas. So as i was browsing through the internet for inspiration. Then, I saw some Versace and Chrome Hearts nails designs. I showed my manicurist, Chloe, to DIY together. 

Coral and leopard french tips for summer!

Chloe spent almost 2 hours drawing and painting my nails. 
I'm really happy with the combination. Hard work paid off!


HAIR PROMOTION. ( Good quality ) 
00 free 100 ( $100 for 200 strands, subsequently 1 dollar each ) 

Gelish promtion $20 
Two tone gelish at $30 
Eyelash Extension Dolly Lashes at $55 
Mink Bundle Lash at $60 
Mink Single Lashes at $75 

 Tips to take care of Lash 
- Don’t rub eyes 
- Try not to use oil base make up removal on eyes, in fact don’t really need eyemake up 
- Never pluck out the lash extension, come to saloon for removal 
- The thicker the set, the more lasting ( 4 to 8weeks) 
- Natural set last ard 2 to 3 weeks depending on individual 

 Tips on Hair Extension 
- Never use hair serum or conditioner on braids ( the rubber bands ) 
- TRY to wash your hair while standing and vertically ( up and down motion) 
- Do not wash hair in circular motion in case u tangle up the braids 
 - Rise your shampoo thoroughly as the reside on the braid will case itchiness 
 - Use mint shampoo , the cool effect will ease the extension tension if your are feeling uncomfortable 
- Try to mask the hair more as it is not attached to any roots therefore need more maitainese if you wish to have heality looking hair
- Alternatively you can curl or straighten it

Far East Plaza & Bugis Street 
TEL: FEP 67376723 / Bugis 63384137 
WHATAPPS appointment at 83835395 
Twitter: @millysbeautysg 
Instagram: @millysbeautysg 



OHMY... Haven't been doing out door shoot for a while. I'm really rusty. Thank God for great crews, David the photographer and my stylist GwenJanelle! So patient and great people. 
It is a challenge to work in super humid weather. I can't wait to share the end products with you all. 

Sneak preview.
Me working in unclear vision was a rare experience to me. 
My doctor warned me and said this every time i visit him, "NO MORE CONTACT LENS".
I should stop being stubborn and learn to listen to advise. Painful lesson of my life. 

Behind the scene.

Pardon me, looking really unglamorous in spectacle. 

Those who can sense your sadness in your smiles, 
can hear your words in your silence, can feel your love in your anger.  


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