My whitening journey with Albion Exage White + Redeem free trial kit & vouchers!

About a year odd ago, my skin was breaking out non stop due to late nights out, alcohol and stress. It was bumpy and hideous, and I coul...

About a year odd ago, my skin was breaking out non stop due to late nights out, alcohol and
stress. It was bumpy and hideous, and I couldn’t stop my itchy fingers which caused me my
scars today… SIGH!! I also tried many different pimple creams but none of it worked until my
boyfriend brought me to a skin specialist.

Great news was, my skin finally stopped breaking out after awhile but nothing helped
lightening the scars! I was on a crazy hunt for whitening products only imported or made in
Japan cause I firmly believe that one cannot go wrong with Japanese products!

So about 7 days ago, I started my journey with Albion with their Exage White and often-raved
signature Skin Conditioner and it’s been amazing so far that I have to share it with you guys!

We all know how tough whitening is, and dread the long and “painful” journey.
But with Exage White, it’s only a simple 4-step daily whitening journey! I’ve been following the
steps religously for the last 7 days and my skin have significantly become fairer and smoother.
Even my boyfriend is on the same journey now after seeing the difference on my face! Haha

From Left to Right :

Exage Moist Crystal Milk, Albion Skin Conditioner Essential Lotion, Albion Exage White White
Clearness Lotion II, Exage Pure Mild Wash, Exage White Bright

Here’s usually how I look before going through the steps. With ZERO make up on, you can
clearly see how dull my skin looks especially around the eyes and nose area.

P.S. My complexion is slightly fairer than my neck/ body hence the different skin tones

So put on your seat belt and get ready to experience Albion Exage White with me!


Exage Pure Mild Wash is a very light weight liquid face wash. Pump a small amount (as shown
below) onto your palm, add a few drops of water and make rich foams before lathering it over
your face.

My skin feeling soft and silky smooth from just 1 wash!

P.S These photos are not shopped at all, the slight fairness you in my “Before and After”
pictures are improved by Exage Pure Mild Wash!

For those who prefer cleansing oil, here’s White Bright Cleansing Oil for you!
This doesn’t only cleanse your skin, but acts like a make up remover too. The good thing about
this product is that it’s not very oily as the name might sound, and it can be wash away easily
with water. It also carries a fresh floral scent which I really like! Makes your skin smell sooo good!

Here’s a short demonstration for you too.. Using really stubborn eye products on the back of
my hand.

Pump once on the area (or you can pump on a cotton pad for your face too)

Start “blending” them together…
Use a clean cotton pad to wipe it away and tadahh!! Look how clean my hand it after just one

Look how clean it is after just one wash!

You're already one step closer to a FAIRER SKIN! :D

Exage Moist Crystal Milk is meant to be used right after cleansing, with a cotton pad!
moist crystal milk is essential to prepare your skin to receive all the goodness of the skin
conditioner essential lotion (after this step!)

Do not be lazy and start using your hand/ fingers ok?


*Beware… STAR is coming up your way*

Albion Skin Conditioner Essential Lotion is used to stabilize and hydrate it your skin. It helps to
minimize pores and make sure that your skin is able to normalize its cells turnover in 28 days
i.e remain in a stable state, so your skin will not be prone to outbreaks easily and will always
look radiant and dewy!

I use this TWICE a day, with a cotton pad so my skin will absorb the goodness better. This
is so good!!! And I wonder why did took me so long to find this gem!! My skin feels healthier,
I look better with a glow and my pimples/ pore are actually disappearing. Sometimes I get
greedy and play cheat I’d wet my cotton pad with this and rest it on my cheeks for better
results the next morning!!

I look forward to this step every day and night by the way!

 Albion Exage White White Clearness Lotion II a moisturizer to be used after step 3.

Spot the difference.

My complexion is a lot brighter and with a natural glow!
Albion products are hands-down the BEST and EASIEST whitening skincare products I’ve ever
used. And trust me, I’ve tried a-lot of other whitening products!

I’m officially an Albion convert after hearing so many positive reviews about this brand and
product, and now trying it for myself. People always say, “seeing is believing” and it’s true! I’ve
a few shades fairer than I was 7 days ago! But don’t take things for granted, you have to be
hardworking and follow these steps daily – religiously.

I hope you’re all excited now after hearing me share on my journey with Albion, so here’s
something for you…


First 50 of my readers who go down to Takashimaya Albion counter will receive a 7-day trial
kit plus receive a S$10 voucher for use (with no minimum purchase required but excluding
purchase of accessories)

Hurry head down to Albion at Takashimaya today and get started! Available from now till 30 th

Big shoutout to ALBION, for this awesome opportunity and journey! :)


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