SALON VIM: The month of LOVE

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! I'm sure you had hell lots of fun doing visitation a.k.a gambling  and collecting ang paw. (That'...

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! I'm sure you had hell lots of fun doing visitation a.k.a gambling
 and collecting ang paw. (That's what they best do!) 

February is also the month of LOVE. To most woman, Valentine's day is a big deal.
Be sure it memorable. It doesn't has to cost a bomb, but make her feel special.

 If you're single, Valentine's day isn't about celebrating with a spouse.
You can celebrate this special day with you loves one such as your parents or your closest friend.

Make her feel like a princess!

Pamper your girl a good hair wash. It takes about an hours or so to have soft and silky hair.
Recommending my all time favorite salon at 313. 

 Lovin' the PURPLE and RED

Yes, i love love love my hair so much! 

Our natural hair colour plays an important role when selecting the right purple tone. Be thankful if you are blessed with brown or black shades, because your hair will achieve a more intense purple. These will not only flatter the overall look, but will also add some shape and volume to the tresses.
 The lighter tones fused with the darker ones will create a unique appearance hence the red highlights which chose by Ymond.


Introducing you Smooth Lock Shampoo by Redken.

Beat the frizz and tame your coarse, unruly hair with Redken Smooth Lock Shampoo. Its unique Ionic Smoothing Complex contains Macadamia Oil. (Formally called Smooth Lock)


If you are following me on twitter or instagram, you might be wondering why my hair is always so well groom. My answer is SalonVim. SalonVim truly is my savior! Whenever i have events or other occasion, i'll visit the salon the day before for wash and blow.

(Photo taken in previous visit.)
Don't you think i have Kpop star hair now?
 No matter how hard i swing my head, my hair looks like i just left the salon.

Read more about SalonVim hair treatment and hair service i did in the past 1 year here.

Thank you Salon Vim.
Book your appointment with Ymond.  

Remember to mention my name "REIEE" to receive 10%.

Salon Vim 
313 Somerset orchard road #04-07/08/09
To book appointment, call 68847757

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Treat her to manicure!

Chanel sparkly peachy nail by Milly's II. Yes, i named it myself. If you like my nails and want to do the
 same design, save these photos show it to my manicurist, Chloe, when you visit Milly's II.

$20 for gelish nails only. (1 colour. Extra changes for other nails service)
*FYI, all nails salon increase it's price on peak season such as Chinese New Year.
Don't be in shock if you sees the bill. :)

Remember to mention my name "REIEE" to receive 10%.
*Discount quote does not apply on CNY season.

Book your appointment with Chloe at 83835395.

 Milly's is located at Far East Plaza #03-131.
Visit their other outlet at Bugis street level 2. 

"Like" them on Facebook or visit their website at
For enquires, call them at 67376723(FEP), 63384137(Bugis).


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