BangKok Vol. ll

In this blog post, i am going to talk about my last 3 days is BangKok.  Pardon me, i am really bad at name of the streets. Day 3: ...

In this blog post, i am going to talk about my last 3 days is BangKok. 
Pardon me, i am really bad at name of the streets.

Day 3:
Free buggy service from our hotel to Siam Paragon. I was really excited exploring new places i've yet to visit. On our way, i saw a really luxury hotel just beside Siam Paragon. I sighed loudly and told my bf that we have to stay in a proper hotel next time if we come BangKok again. Yes, the hotel we stayed  was really a nightmare. 

Inside Siam Paragon. I really love the whole shopping mall. Everything there are so glamours. 
There have many restaurants and cafes. I even went to their supermarket as i heard from bf's dad that the supermarket is quite nice to walk too.  So i decided to go and buy mango sticky rice. Products are nicely display. Staffs are super friendly and helpful. 

Next, we visited Siam Paragon. I could stay there forever! 
I am really amazed by the whole concept of the shopping mall.

Look at their concierge! Their uniform is so futuristic. 

Look at the decorations and ...

little art exhibitions everywhere. 

Bf waiting while i was trying out shoes. 

Everyone was talking about this Greyhound Cafe. I regretted not going. 
I heard their food is really good. :(

Love Moschino ballons laying !!

Female washroom is really huge! They have changing rooms and make up tables. They even have free samples of the latest products from some beauty and cosmetic shops display nicely on the tables for you to try. Eyeshadows, perfumes, and many more. Why Singapore don't have? 

Huge mirror!
Last picture before we leave Siam center. 

we asked the locals where's good for authentic thai food. They said that you can find authentic this food 
in the city. So we took a taxi to i dont know where, it is slightly out of city. The food were flavorful but it is a litter slaty.

After a sinful meal, we all were lazy to walk out to get a taxi. How lucky, God is on our side. 
Tutu just came to us out of the dark. The streets were quite dark though.

Earlier on, we also asked the locals where is the nearest place to have foot massage. So he recommended this place just a few stations away from Siam. Finally, time to relax a bit after a long day of shopping. We were all excited and looking forward. 

When we arrived. Randomly chose a decent looking shop to have foot massage. 
We were quite happy with the environment and ambiance. 

But i have some quires. How come the masseuses are all guys? And also the street are all mostly guys and some street stalls are selling gay porn and sexy SM costume for guys. Then we realize this is a gay street. Really interesting!! I saw quite a few handsome one.. Fairer than me, so unfair :(

No offense to guys who are gays. I've a few gay friends and i LOVE LOVE them! 

Not yet, we called it a day. When we arrived the hotel room and guess what happen?
Jeffery Campbell on my bed. This is what happened.

Seriously, i don't know if i'm born this way or what, i'm such a blur sotong! Really super blur.
The paper bag says "SIAM PARAGON". I should have already know what is inside the paper bag 
but i did't at that moment. 

I was thinking to myself how come there is a Siam Paragon paper bag laying on my bed. Is it a comprehensive gift from the hotel staffs because we made a lot of complains? Still wondering what is it inside the paper bag.

When i opened the paper bag, i saw the box and find that it looks familiar.
My mind IS STILL WONDERING what's inside the box.

When i opened the box, still thinking what is it. 

When i took out the dust bag. I was like "OMG!!!!!!!"
It is the pair of shoes i tried on earlier at Siam Paragon. What a surprise from my bf. 
I was really happy and blushing. haha!! 

23th  Jan 2013 was our 11th anniversary. So sweet of him, he actually planned with Max, a friend of mine, about the surprise. I was too engrossed to my shopping spree so when he suggested to go shopping with Max(actually, he went to get the gift), i did not think much and replied him "OKAY". 

He knew he can't spend time with me for the next 1 month due to Chinese New Year season. So we actually skipped Valentine's day and maybe our 1 year anniversary. Quite sad because i was at home browsing through my facebook wall seeing all the V-day celebration updates. I didn't blame him. In fact i never. Career priority first :)

Omg! Time flies. I'm so in loved with my boy!  

To be continue ... 


  1. Hi, where did you get the floral black shorts (you paired it with a black top)? Thanks.

    1. Hi could i trouble you to email me at Thanks !


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