Vanity Trove, beauty surprise!

Get ready for Valentine's day with  Vanity Trove . Be it whether you're happily attached or single, you would still want to l...

Get ready for Valentine's day with Vanity Trove.

Be it whether you're happily attached or single, you would still want to look good on important
occasions such as Valentine's Day! It happens once a year, you want to be your best.

 Received 3 boxes goodies(including Valentine's Day's edition) from Vanity Trove.

Let's see what they've got for me.


SKINCARE before Vday!
I've chosen some products to be featured in this post:

Beauty Diary Mask (left), it has a little pack of cream attached above the mask for you to apply
after you’re done with the mask to lock in all hydrating elasticizing and nourishing agents.

I.P.I Lightmax Ampoule Mask (right) helps brighten and improve skin tone.

Use either one or thrice a week for better results!

Next up,

erase ugly fine lines!

Fine lines around our eyes and mouths show when we lack of beauty sleep. Approaching the
age of twenties is no joke. Everyone wants to look sweet 18 always and in order to have
youthful skin, we have to work extra hard. Try Dr GL Collagen Essence. Apply a thin layer over
your face and neck, day and night. It helps smoothing and tightening the fine lines.

I love this product! It is super light- weight and non sticky. Feels just like splashing water onto
your face!



No to flu!
You don't want to fall sick before your date, especially during this flu session. Trulife Lingzhi
Immunity helps you to fight flu away! I should have discovered this product earlier as I’m
currently down with a really bad flu. :(

It combines Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C, Zinc and Niacin with 100% Lingzhi spore powder and
contains Red Dates, Longan, Wolfberries and Gan Chao extracts.



Eyes are windows to our souls. If you don't want have tired and puffy eyes, try these!

Belif Peat Miracle Revital Eye Cream.
Light-weight and has a tinch of lemon grass fragrance.

Ujene Puriste Collagen Eye Gel.
Non-greasy and non-sticky, makes a great base before your eye make up.



On special occasion you’d want to look a little more dramatic.

It looks kinda boring to have light make up sometimes.

Add in RED

Before applying red lipstick, you need to line your lips or else the colour will ‘run’.
Here I'm using Essence Colour & Shine Lipstick Pencil.

First, redefine your lips then fill in the lips to look fuller.

Following, apply your favorite red lipstick.

And, no that's not all...

I love bronzer, it makes my face look shaper.
Introducing the Essence bronzing powder.


We tend to spend hours looking at our wardrobe and scream 'THERE'S NOTHING TO WEAR'
yet the wardrobe always seem like it'd explode anytime! haha

A little fashion tip for you:
Always dress comfortable and be confident.
A boring cocktail dress can look fabulous if you’re confident.

Outfits by PocketRibbon. (I will blog about it soon)

Now you're all ready for Valentine's date!


I'm not done!


After a long night out with your date, you can finally remove the makeup you’ve have been

I love love love this product from Bifesta, It is Japan 1st water-Based Make Up Remover.

Drop a few drops of it until you fill up the circle.

Gently massage into skin for about a min, continue massage until your makeup is completely off.
Look, so clean! It feels like i'm using water to remover make up. Doesn’t feel oily at all!


Just $30/mth, VanityTrove comes knocking at your door every month!

Valentine's Day Edition can be purchased here:  

To all my readers, quote ‘Reiee’ and get Beauty Diary Masks added to your March troves if
you subscribe before 14th February! :)

Remember to link them on FACEBOOK or follow them on TWITTER.
Sometime they have giveaways. You might be the lucky winner. 

Thank you Gush Cloud!!


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