Advertise. Mix and match Blancoroom 's accessories to spruce up your outfit with Blanco Room's accessories,  w...


Mix and match Blancoroom's accessories to spruce up your outfit with Blanco Room's accessories, 
without breaking the bank. They are so easy to match!

These are my picks: 
You sees it everywhere in Instagram.

Black leather multi layer gold skull bracelet and my other accessories.

Check out the sale selected too, you might get your desire piece before Chinese New Year arrive. 

Blanco Room is offering 20% discount on selected items throughout the month of January along with their standard free shipping. Go grab yourself a bargain!
Also Special deals will be announced soon for their CNY and Valentines Day promotions.
And finally, coming soon Blanco Room is awaiting delivery of a new collection of watches, adding another range to their store.
Visit now!



Last Sunday did a flea at Scape for
Sale was quite disappointing as the crowded were mainly looking for pre-loved goods.
Should have bought some of my pre-loved pieces, they will layer all over my room. How annoying.
Cant wait to get rid of them for the new once as i am going to Bangkok in a couple of days. 

I concluded that my brother is the nicest guy on earth. Always helping me out! 
I promised i'd love you more. haha!


Such a coincident that Gwen and me worn almost same outfits that day.

Playhouse skater skort in white, read more here.

If you'd like to purchase this studded top in blue, visit
or email me at 

P.s All Thexperiment stocks are brand new. 


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