HAIR DYE & HAIR TREATMENT. Last week, made my way down to Salon Vim with my sweetest pie, Sheena.  Have her lunch at t...


Last week, made my way down to Salon Vim with my sweetest pie, Sheena. 
Have her lunch at the salon. 

Feeling excited as i did not do anything to my hair for the passed 1 month. (To me that's quite long) 
As usual, i let it to my hair stylist, Ymond to decide what to do to my hair. 
I think he knows my hair better than i do. >,<

After serval discussion, we decided not to bleach my hair so just hair dye which is not so harmful compare to bleaching and hair treatment to make my hair smoother and soft. 

In the midst of hair dye. 

An uyoung ha seh yo! 
Picture of me in the midst of hair treatment and Sheena after her hair treatment.

I was tell Sheena that i love her love band under her eyes. So i tried to push the fats under my eyes to have love band too. Maybe i should consider fillers, what do you think? 

It is a winter collection colour Ymond did for me. And i wanted to name it Healthy looking brown
Ymond chose a richer brown for my hair as it made my complextion glow, on top of that, adding hi-lights help to break down the whole base colour, leaving my hair with more texture and moving.

Every time after treatment, i couldn't stop myself from touching my hair.
They make me feels like a super star. You know, celebreties have very shiny and silky hair, no matter how hard they flip their hair it always stays how it were.

I have to say that Salon Vim done a really great job. 

Salon Vim has just launched their second outlet at Bugis! 
I have yet to check out the shop but i  walked passed the other day. It was nicely done up! 

If you like my hair service, look for Ymond at Salon Vim.

313 orchard road 04-07/08/09
+65 68847757 or +65 68847767

Qoute my name 'REIEE' for 10% off. 


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