Boarded in KLM BUSINESS CLASS   to Bali Bloggers taking pictures and looking for your seats number. Would recommend you to ch...

Boarded in KLM BUSINESS CLASS  to Bali

Bloggers taking pictures and looking for your seats number.
Would recommend you to choose KLM Business Class as the legs space is bigger and the chairs are adjustable to your comfort. Also entertainment such as movies, games and music to keep you company during your journey.

Painting nails on plane is a great way to kill times.

Pretty Tricia. 
Friendly cabin crews 
KLM serve really nice food. My yummy lunch -fish, salad, french toast, dessert. So yummy. 

This is so cute! Pepper and salt.

A picture before my meal. 

Beautiful view from my seat.
Remember i mentioned about KLM's souvenir in the previous post? 
These little houses is so cute!

Finally reached out destination.
Gushcloud bloggers and i at Goodway hotel lobby.

Our welcome drinks.

Shared room with Tricia, Tammy and Donna. This is out living room and mini kitchen.

Our rooms.

After unloading our luggages and touched up our make up. 
Time for supper.
Everyone looks hungry and tired waiting for food. 
This place full of zhi char kind of food. 

Look at the amount of food we ordered. 

After pampering our tummies, went check out the party scene in Bali. 
The streets.
We random pick one club/pub named Engine Room that looks quite happening. 

With the Glushcloud bloggers.
Janeen, Tricia and Sophia!

Eric !
Donna and Tammy!

GushCloud hot babes Carmen and Sheena!

Kay kay and Freda!

Day 2.

Morning photoshoot before heading to elephant ride.

Thank god the hotel manager went elephant safari(picture above) to check out the price
 but was too expensive. So he recommended another place(i cannot recall the name) which is way cheaper than elephant safari. It was my very first time taking elephant ride. Super fun and was quite scary at first. But after reading Tammy's blog i felt really sad for the elephant.

Grabbed form Tammy's blog:

I hope I don't come across as weird or as some psychotic elephant lover. It's just that I can tell that you & your friends like elephants, & I have always wanted to email you regarding this situation, hoping you can help to put this message across to others through your blog or something, but so far I haven't mustered the guts to bother you with an email. But I guess after reading your Bali post & seeing the picture of the elephant (forced) to sit down really breaks my heart & has given me encouragement to email you. I have been an avid reader of yours for years :) You do not have to write or post or whatever but hopefully you can spread the message to your friends. 

Just wanted to let you know that, you should not encourage elephant rides :( Because alot of times (almost 99%), these elephants are being mistreated! People ALWAYS get the misconception that elephants are able to withstand heavy weights, but in fact they can't. They have fragile bones (esp their backbones) & skin. Usually the elephant ride industry gets female elephants to give elephant rides as they are less aggressive compared to males & because these people are out to earn money, they make the elephants overwork, even when they are pregnant or unwell. A lot of elephants actually die when they are forced to go on rides on mountainous terrains by falling and many other ways. 
Why these elephants die from elephant riding would be due to several reasons such as the harness tied around the elephants. As the harness has to be tied tightly in order for it to be secure for the passengers, they overlooked the well-being of these elephants.The harness actually gets in the way of their digestive system & causes difficulty in excreting their shit thus many of them die from constipation and many other diseases. 

Pictures time!
Photo courtesy of Eric 
Photo courtesy of Eric 

The elephant in front of us suddenly stopped. Guess whats next?

Don't look good...

Bomb and pee like water fall!!!!!!

Reya(name of the elephant me and Tricia sat on) and i.

After which we went to (i can't recall the name) beach. 
Very crowded, quite boring and not very beautiful.

Best part about the beach is they sell really delicious BBQ corns. 
I added super a lot of chili sause and butter. So yummy!

Last destination!
Dinner at JIMBARAH BEACH. Best place to watch the sunset and photo taking!
Nice ambience for romantic dinner for couples. 
The sunset is super nice! I wished my bf was with me watching the sunset together. 

Dinner by the beach.
My favorite drink in indonesia. Tehbotol.

Took a lot of nice pictures during the sunset. 
My rusty bones. haha

Thanks Tricia for this awesome shot.

Photos below courtesy of Tammy.

Will upload day 3 &a 4 photos tomorrow.
Regretted not bring my laptop to bali. Now i have so much work to do. 
Have not rest enough since i touch down. Needed my beauty sleep badly. Good night. 



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