Misaki みさき 미사키 美莎 Contact Lens. [Part 6]

If anyone ask me which is my favorite contact lens i will say Misaki for sure. I got eye infection last year due to contact lens which...

If anyone ask me which is my favorite contact lens i will say Misaki for sure.

I got eye infection last year due to contact lens which i purchased from online. 
Shall name it contact lens Y. I was so amazed by how contact lens Y enlarge my eyes. 
It look so big and dolly. Make it easier for me as i don't have to spend too much time to do my eye
 make up. But after months of wearing contact lens Y, my eyes started to feel irritation and sharp pain. 
It was so bad that i have to see an eye specialist. I was told to stay away from contact lens for a month. That was the worst days in my life. Lesson learned, never ever buy contact lens from
online. Good for you if online contact lens works on you. 

So why Misaki? 

Commons question when comes to contact lens.
Where is it from, comfort level, is it safe to wear them and the list go on...

At work, especially long working hours. I have pretty bad eye sight so contact lens is a must.
After that terrible experience, my eyes are quite sensitive and tend to feel dry after wearing contact lens
 for long hours. 

Thanks god for the person who created Misaki contact lens. They are so comfortable! 
Feel as though my eyes are naked.

I am wearing Misaki 1 tone natural colour contact lens. 
It is so natural. Looks like i'm born with brown eyes.

Premium Color Cosmetics Contact Lens. 100% Made in Korea. 

 MISAKI Contact lens is a collabration with korean factory that manufactures contact lens catering to International markets such as Japan, China, Korea, Middle East, Europe and USA.  MISAKI Contact lens is also a licensed product under the Singapore Health Science Authority for marketing in Singapore. 

How to purchase? Consumers in Singapore can visit Optical Retail Outlets
 at the following locations to purchase: 

 1. Optique Style 14 Scotts Road #01-96, Far East Plaza. Tel: 6339 8884
 2. Atlantic Optical (The Cathay) 2 Handy Road #01-17, The Cathay. Tel: 6884 9308
 3. Atlantic Optical (Wheel Lock Place) 501 Orchard Rd #02-09A Wheelock Place Tel: 67341577
 4. Eyeplay Pte Ltd 200 Victoria Street #03-04 (Bugis Junction) (S) 188021 Tel/Fax:6338 9940 

 5. Optique ICU 30 Sembawang Drive Sun plaza #01-27. Tel:6555 1583
 6. Morrison Optical (International) Pte Ltd Blk 888 Woodlands Dr 50 #01-73B (888 Plaza) (S)730888 Tel/Fax:6368 3705
 7. Morrison Optical Pte Ltd Blk 166, Woodlands St 13 #01-533 Singapore 730166 Tel/Fax: 6366 6300
 8. Morrison Optical (Far East) Pte Ltd Blk 548 woodlands Dr 44 #02-33 (Vista Point) Singapore 730548 Tal/Fax: 6891 2303
 9. Sense Optical Pte Ltd Blk 305 Woodlands St 31 #01-71 Singapore 730305 Tel/Fax: 6368 1838

 10. Sense Optical Pte. Ltd 11 Rivervale Crescent #01-19/20 (Rivervale Mall) (S)545082 Tel/Fax:6388 1990
 11. Morrison Optical (International) Pte Ltd Blk 118 Rivervale Drive #01-36 (Rivervale Plaza) Singapore 540118 Tel/Fax: 6388 2032
 12. Sense Visioncare Pte Ltd 118 Rivervale Dr #01-09 Rivervale Plaza Singapore 540118 Tel/Fax: 6388 2990 EAST AREA
 13. Morrison Optical (Singapore) Pte Ltd Blk 682 Hougang Ave 4 #01-334 Singapore 530682 Tel/Fax: 6386 6138 WEST AREA
 14. Morrison Optical (Far East) Pte Ltd Blk 144 Tech Whye Lane #01-217 Singapore 680144 Tel/Fax: 6468 7501
 15. Morrison Optical (Holdings) Pte Ltd Blk 353 clementi Ave 2 #01-155A Singapore 120353 Tel/Fax: 6872 5220
 16. Sense Visioncare Pte Ltd 21 Choa Chu Kang North 6 #01-14 Yew Tee Point Singapore 689578 Tel/Fax: 6465 0086 

 Customers who are interested to purchase but out of Singapore. 


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