Misaki みさき 미사키 美莎 Contact Lens. [Part 2]

안녕하십니까 (annyeong hashimnikka). It means 'Good Morning' in korean. Kpop is taking over the world. No? Even my mum is so into korea...

안녕하십니까 (annyeong hashimnikka). It means 'Good Morning' in korean. Kpop is taking over the world. No? Even my mum is so into korea drama. haha I was browsing through the photos of Mnet's 2011 MAMA concert which held in Singapore indoor stadium few weeks ago. Looking at their complexion and facial features make me green with envy. Everyone knows that most of them did plastic surgery. I don't judge people who went through this. Plastic surgery is so common nowadays. Who doesn't want to look better? If i have a billion dollar, i'd invest in botox and fillers man! I wanna be forever 18. haha That's mission impossible.

Anyway, the purpose of me talking about Koreans today is not about plastic surgery but cometic lens!

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MISAKI Contact lens is a collabration with korean factory that manufactures contact lens catering to International markets such as Japan, China, Korea, Middle East, Europe and USA.

MISAKI Contact lens is also a licensed product under the Singapore Health Science Authority for marketing in Singapore.

They are 100% made in Korea. 

Contact lens case and Misaki contact lens.

I'm wearing Misaki lens in Circle and emotions in brown. As i mentioned before in the previous post.
Misaki contact lens is really thin and comfortable.
Price range from $23-$30.

You can get your MISAKI contact lens at the following optical lens shop:

Optique Lens Park
14 Scotts Road #01-96, Far East Plaza. Tel: 6339 8884
Atlantic Optical (The Cathay) 
2 Handy Road #01-17, The Cathay. Tel: 6884 9308
Atlantic Optical (Wheel Lock Place) 
501 Orchard Rd #02-09A Wheelock Place
Tel: 67341577
Bugis Junction, #03-04
Tel: 6338 9940 
AZ Optics Centre
#01-39 Queensway Shopping Centre. Tel: 64749169 
3. Optique ICU
30 Sembawang Drive Sun plaza #01-27. Tel:6555 1583

Overseas customers.

Place your orders here!
To enjoy Christmas promotions, click to purchase 2 boxes. Write us an email on the 3rd box that you want free at misaki@etginternational.com

Please note that you may only get the 3rd box free in the same series.



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