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Envy those who naturally have very long and volume lashes? I always do. I find that eyes is the most important facial features. You make e...

Envy those who naturally have very long and volume lashes? I always do. I find that eyes is
the most important facial features. You make eye contact when you are talking to somebody.
So if you want to have a talking and seductive eyes, you got to do something with it.
I'm got so excited when i received an email from Angelxin.com Can't wait!
Paid my very first visit at their newly opening outlet at people park's center. Just next to people park's complex. I'm satisfied with the result. Excellent job!

So this is the before photo. Boring short lashes.

After photo. BOOMZZZZ! Lovin' it! Say good bye the lazy, small and tired looking eyes.
I can now go to gym not looking so tired. haha.

Close up.

My eyes look so big even without any eye make up.

Before and after eye make up. Simply touch of eyeshadow. Say good bye to irritating false lashes.

Eyelash extensions can last  you for about 2weeks to a month, depending on how well you
take care of them.  However, during this period, you are not able to put on mascara/fake
eyelashes/eyeliner as this will reduce the lifespan of the eyelash extension. Only eyeshadows
are allowed.

It took me only 15mins to do my whole make up. Damn faster right? Now i can travel light.
There are only foundation, eyeshadow, lip balm and face mist in my make up pouch.
I dont have to visit the washroom countless time to fix my false lashes.

Be a smart shopper! My readers get 10% discount off total bill
by flashing e-coupon when they spend above $100 on hair extensions.

In lieu with Angelxin's new store opening, they are running this promotion now!
Spend $200 on ANY of AngelXin's services (be it hair extensions, eyelash extensions,
salon services) & receive a free HOTPINK hair straightener (worth $45).


810 Geylang Road #02-36
Singapore 409286
Tel: +65 747 0205
Operating Hours: 10am - 9.30pm

Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Road #03-11
Singapore 059413
Tel: +65 6534 3886
Operating Hours: 10.30am - 9.30am

People's Park Complex
1 Park Road #03-1078
Singapore 059108
Tel: +65 6538 3886
Operating Hours: 11am - 9.00pm

People's Park Centre (Above Food Centre) NEW OUTLET!
Blk 32 New Market Road #02-11
Singapore 050032
Tel: +65 65355852
Operating Hours: 11am - 9.00pm

Dress by lovelylloli.livejournal.com


I had a great work out. Did lots of cardio. I did 5km run on treadmill,  crunches, and planks.

What's next? A sinful dinner at High society.
Food were great. I had Norwegian Salmon and dessert.


Show me your Naked baby! All the way from UK. Thanks to my aunt. I complained
that it is always out of stock in Singapore. So she actually got it and mailed it to me.
Received it a few days ago. Cant wait to use it.


Weather were totally insane! So i'm dress in more cooling colours when i'm out in the afternoon.

High Waist Shorts in Pink by http://31stloveave.myshopify.com/

I actually did a make up tutorial but the video went crazy and everything is gone. ):

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