Tuesday, October 21, 2014




8 hours later ...

Hat and outerwear from



Sets and The City

 i bought some outfits from @setsandthecity along in this trip. 
Sets And The City is specialise in apparels thats comes in sets! It is so convenient when you don't know what to wear. 


Went a little crazy with our shopping. Indeed Meyondong is a beauty paradise, i wish i could bring back everything. 


Behind The Scene

Here's a little sneak preview of what we have been busy with. From preparation to photo shoot session. Loving the hair and make up they did for me. 

Like i said a little sneak preview. Finally, its time for late dinner!



Here's a shoutout for @ThaTreeByTheSea!

Thankful i bought this pair of gorgeous earring from @thatreebythesea with me. It instantly spice up the whole look!


They are giving away 2 x $10 voucher.
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Good Luck!



 is loved! 

The weather is getting colder. I'm freezing in this outfit. zzz

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

BOTOX V-LIFT // Fragrant Crab at Roland Restaurant


Hope everyone has had a great weekend! Here's a quick update about my week. Few weeks ago, i got botox V-lift injection. My botox jaw and V-lift experience has been awesome! My doctor and nurses always welcomed me with a big smile and take good care of me in my every visit. They make me feel like home. If you have been following me on my blog closely, it was about half a year ago since I had my last botox V-lift treatment (touch up).

 You can read about my previous appointment at

Before treatment.

After treatment. (Noticed the smaller face and sharper chin?)


I've ever considered cheeks lip but I was so scared as it causes lumpiness. For botox V-lift, result is very natural. I love the visible instant results and didn't regret till today.

If you are going for small enhancements and not looking at dramatic changes, undergoing aesthetic treatments such as Botox is an excellent choice. Aesthetic treatments provide for a more natural result. I chose Botox instead of incision procedure since Botox has no downtime! And they are reversible.

If you are keen to undergo the Botox V-lift treatment at exclusive member’s price, please contact

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After spending 2yrs and 7mths tgt, J finally introduces me to fragrant crab. All this while Chili crab has been my all time favourite dish and I never knew that they have fragrant crab. I hesitated awhile at first and then I went for it; because it is spicy and it has shrimp. Anything with shrimp will never go wrong. I'll never regret it! It is so yummy and spicy that I finished half of the crab myself. 

Tel: 64408403

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