When it comes to fashion, I don't stick to just one style.
I usually dresses up according to my mood and the weather.
My all time favorite style is edgy glamour!
I spend most of my time on fashion and food photography.

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Freia Medical: Dual Yellow Laser.

If you've been following me closely on my social media platforms, you've already know that i've been going to my all time favourite, Dr Ma from Freia Medical for aesthetic treatments all this while. Beside aesthetic treatments, i've also started Dual Yellow Laser since last year and i waited this long to write about it because i want to reassure that the treatment works for me before i share it with anyone. 

During the treatment, a gentle and painless laser that effectively rejuvenates my dull and acne-prone skin. There is no downtime. The effects are that the face is smoother, brighter and refreshed with repeat sessions. Acne spots also clear up much faster, and less likely to recur. A great option for fairer, blemish free skin. Wrapped up with a collagen mask! After 30 minutes mask will be remove, whitening cream and sunscreen is applied before i leave the clinic. 

Dr Ma is always checking on me through out the treatment to make sure i'm all comfy specially during my botox v-lift session. There is almost no pain but we are talking about needles here. Speaking of which, as i age i have a little phobia for needles. Many thumbs up to Dr Ma who is the most gentle doctor ever!

Post treatment, i apply moisturize and slap on some 30+ sunscreen on any other areas of treated skin every day which will help to maximize the results of my treatment.

Not perfect but i'm really satisfied with the result! At least my make up stays the whole day and I took less than an hour to get ready!

Thank you Dr Ma and Freia Medical! 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Buy less. Choose well.


I believe in investing on some good outerwear.
Oh dear, you have no idea how much they can spice up a boring outfit.

Photo taken by @Veljanelle