When it comes to fashion, I do not stick to just one style.
I usually dresses up according to my mood and the weather.
My all time favorite style is edgy glamour!
I spend most of my time on fashion and food photography.

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Thursday, September 3, 2015


Slimmer face, shaper nose, bigger eyes and the list goes on. Everyone wants to have that perfect features of certain look of a celebrity. For people who doesn't want to go through the miserable long recovery period(Yea, it is pretty upset to see your face swell like a pig head after surgery but look at the brighter side). You can always opt for non-incision method such as aesthetic for a higher nose bridge, hide eyebag, nice cheeks and chin. 


I have sunken eyes and make me look old and tired. To solve that problem of mine, i chose to do filler by Restylane. Restylane last longer for under eye, typically up to 6 months. It is safe and has no down time. 


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