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Today's blog post featurein on Xccelerate. I love everything about them. Their apparels are so pretty! So hard to choose 2 items out of so many!

This pair of heels is so unique and comfortable! Run errands in style and no complain about painful foot!

I've found that a good jacket in a flattering shape in usually a good long term investment. I certainly see this one getting steady wear in the future.


Thank you  for the leather jacket and shoes! 


Some shoes which i really love! 

Huge varieties of accessories, bags and clothes!

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Sunday, April 13, 2014


Sorry for taking so long to blog about my plastic surgery. I'm going through a crisis right now. My laptop is crush and all my work are inside. :( These are best photos i can share with you now. Holiday in Hong Kong was fun. I couldn't believe that we actually party 6 days in a row, lots of eating and shopping. 

Anyway, I've had mentioned in my previous post that i will do a post surgery in this blog post. To avoid confusion, I decided to blog about my post surgery in the next entry.

In this post i am going to share with you about my day to day recovery. My surgery was scheduled in the afternoon. I'm glad that they manage to slot me in as i'm only staying for 2 weeks in seoul and they are fully booked. I guess it is the winter season, i was told that the cooling weather helps to boost your recovery. There were many locals and tourists(people from China, Singapore, and Canadian etc) at JW Plastic surgery korea

I mentioned about the procedures i am going to do in details in my previous post. 

These are probably the ugliest photos I've ever posted.

Without all the make up and thick lashes, i desperately need some enchantment. 

After bombarded my doctors with questions during consultation and much consideration, long story cut short, I am going to have Incisional(cut method) double eyelid + Potsis correction surgery (by Dr. Hong Lim Choi), tip and bridge rhinoplasty (by Dr. Man Koon Suh), Full face fat graft (by Dr. Chul Hwan Seul).

Not to bore you with words, let the photos do the talking. 

(Photo taken on post surgery day 7).
This is Emily who is the only consultant that speaks English. She is very patience, professional and very strict with us on the aftercare. She also take care of us during our stay in korea. She will message me just to check if i am fine. She even offer to send me home after my surgery. How sweet!

Resting in recovery room after eyelid surgery. 
Frankly speaking double eyelid surgery is quite scary because i am under local anesthesia(i am awake during the surgery). If your body is weak, you may fall asleep when LA is injected into your body. Many of you asked me if double eyelid surgery is painful. It really depends on individual. For me it is a painless process I won't lie about the pain as i don't seem the need to. I felt someone was touching my eyelids. I felt a little discomfort when Dr Choi is doing the potsis correction procedure as he was re-stitching my eyelids to make sure both my eyes look the same.  I'm not sure how long I was in the operation room. All I did was praying to God and dying to get out of the operation room. Haha 


I don't know about other patient, both procedure is painless to me. I suppose it was the numbing injection. To my suprise, I felt normal after i woke up from general anesthesia. I can literary eat and go shopping after my nose job and fats grafting. 

See the transformation(left to right):
After eyelid surgery, after full face fats grafting and after nose job. 

Some food picture which i had after surgery. I was so hungry! I had to fast the day before. 

Dessert after meal is a must!

My medicine and pumpkin juices(there were more, i consumed some already) from JW Plastic Surgery Korea.



Tried, ugly, sad.
It is really depressing to see myself like that. I had cottons in both of my nostrils, i couldn't smell or taste anything. It felt like having a blocked nose which makes me tired. I felt really ugly because of the swell. Carry a tissue box everywhere i go because there were lots of mucus.
To avoid infection, cleansing is VERY important. I clean my wound day and night with cleansing water from the clinic. Then gently dry it with cotton bud. Last, apply gel(from the clinic) which helps to close the wound properly. 

Agri and i were on a hunt for food around our hotel. Literary eat from point A to point B. We ate so much everyday!

I felt horrible because i couldn't smell or taste anything still. I just want to rest in bed. Swelling was slightly worst than day 2. 

Remove cottons & eyelid stitches x Hair wash 
I had my eyelid surgery the day before  fats grafting and nose job. So my eyelids were already on it's post opt day 5. The nurse is very gentle. She goes slow and careful. I was expecting pain because everyone told me it's painful. Am I lucky or what, it was ZERO PAIN! I believe it is Dr Hong Lim Choi's skill. Stitches are very small and easy to remove said by the nurse from JW plastic surgery korea. 

I also had the cottons removed so i can breathe from nose and eat properly!
I was amazed by that that swell went down so much on day 4. The bruises around my eyes and face turns yellow. I feel slightly better than day 3.

 After days of no wash my hair, i finally getting a nice hair wash. JW Plastic Surgery Korea provides 2 free hair wash service to all patient! Awesome!

Then, we had lunch at GANGNAM-GU.

Waffles at Edea again! 

Visited dog cafe in Myeongdong which cost only SGD 8 per entry with 1 free drink.

Brunch at MyeongDong at 1am. We couldn't stop eating!

Sorry no picture as i was resting in hotel the whole day. 

I had the cast on my nose removed! Super excited to see my nose! I felt pain(bearable) when she remove the stitches on my nose tip.

I really love the result. The new height and tip are just perfect! i couldn't stop taking selfie. 

 Cam whoring worriers!
Picture with JW Plastic Surgery Korea nurse. 
Chance upon this cats shop in gangnam-gu.

Korean friend bought us around. 

Watch part 2 and part 3 of the video featuring me, Agri and Agnes talks about our consultation with JW Plastic Surgery Korea doctors and our procedure. Hit the play button!

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