Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Beauti Instinct: Cell Renewal Treatment (CRT)

My skin had a major pimple breakout weeks ago and i am under going a acne treatment at Beauti Instinct. Bad skin affects my mood i had to hide at home just so that my skin could take a day or two to breathe. Wearing thick layer of foundation is not flattering at all. :(

There are some treatments i could do at Beauti Instinct. Rita suggested that i should do Cell Renewal Treatment(CRT). If i'm not wrong, i did my first  CRT last January. Highly recommended for acne prone skin. 

Apparently just one treatment, those big pimples dries up completely. I just have to wait and let it scab few days later. The cycle of skin cell renewal (from development stage falling off) can take anywhere between 15 to 45 days. A healthy skin should turn over on average every 30 days.

CRT exfoliation of dead skin cells thus the skin begins to produce new cells. After care is really important. I would recommend a good snail serum to boost the healing process. Snail serum is available in Beauti Instinct. 

Benefits of CRT

 CRT increases collagen production and stronger elastin fibres, help in smoothing and tightening of the skin, revives natural skin tone, fine lines begin to disappear, and finally, the pores appear more refine.

The following week, i did 8 in 1 State of the Art Acne Treatment as i did CRT in my previous visit. Big acnes has gone down but marks are still visible. This treatment helps to heals active acne, reduce inflammation and Diminishing acne scarring. You may read more about the treatment here.

I wish for no more pimples! Keep my fingers crossed! I love love love the last step of every treatment and that is mask! I love putting mask onto my skin. It is so relaxing and stress free. I've mentioned this many times, pimple marks take forever to heal! I will post pictures when my bare skin is ready to see the world :)

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Beauti Instinct 

Monday, April 6, 2015


!! B I R T H D A Y    S U R P I S E S !!

Thanks for the unexpected surprises. I was dead tired and didn't think much when J mentioned that he is dropping by to say hi to his friend. I'm always a follower and didn't thick much whenever i'm with J. So i followed blindly and still have no idea that he actually booked a room at Majestic hotel for my birthday. It was so last minute, I didn't have nice outfits for picture. You see J and i exchange clothes so we look fresh, sort of. Don't judge! I'm impressed, J actually remembers my skincare routine!  

Thanks to friends who bought cake and sang birthday song to me and all the lovely wishes! 
I love all of you!

Sweethearts and me.

I will touch more on IT show 2015 soon!